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Have Low Ceilings? Now Make Them Look High With These Quirky Tips!

Believe it or not, we all just love wide and vast rooms. That is why when nowadays the ceilings are becoming low, you have to look for ideas of making them look higher. Sometimes even rooms with an 8 feet high ceiling look a little too claustrophobic ÔÇô depending on how it is arranged. So, here we have some very quirky and effective ideas to make your ceilings feel higher.

Best Found Tips to Make Your Ceilings Appear Higher!

If you are lucky enough to already have high ceilings, then you donÔÇÖt have to worry about making your room look a bit larger. But sometimes, even large-sized rooms appear to be smaller because of low ceilings. That is when these ideas listed below are going to be very useful:

  • Create your false ceiling wisely

The very first way to make your ceilings appear larger is to create your false ceilings wisely. You can opt for 3D designs that actually create an illusion that space is larger than it seems. Or if you are going for carvings, then there are a number of designs that may make your ceilings appear larger. But for all these tricks, you have to contact only the experts in interior plastering in Auckland like Total Paint. They can use all their experience and expertise to create that fabulous ceiling for your room which would make your ceiling appear larger than they actually are.

  • Use the floor to ceiling curtains

To ensure that your ceiling appears higher, pay special emphasis to the curtains. It should start from the topmost part of the room and reach the base ÔÇô that is the floor. This creates a fancy illusion that the ceiling is higher.

  • Use furniture with lesser height

One more way to create an illusion that your room is supposedly higher is to opt for closer to the floor furniture. If you are using very high or very large furniture, this already makes your room appear smaller and lower. So, this change in the size of furniture may benefit you a lot in creating this illusion.

  • Place a large size mirror on the wall

If you are placing a very large floor to ceiling mirror, even this would make your room appear higher. And if you have a nice design on the ceiling, this mirror even reflects that design which obviously creates a nice illusion making your room appear larger and more beautiful.

  • Use striped pattern in wallpaper or paint

Whether you are using paints to decorate your walls, or are opting for wallpapers if you are using vertical stripes to adorn this room, even this would make your ceilings appear higher.

So, arenÔÇÖt these tips very easy and convenient? And who would have ever thought that these can actually make your rooms appear higher and hide the problem of having a low ceiling?

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