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Home Inspection Facts That Homeowners Get Wrong

It’s true that no one in the world can be 100 percent correct. But, sometimes, not correcting oneself and thereby spreading misinformation among peers can be a bad thing – any way you look at it. It might not be an intentional mistake, but it can sure be detrimental in painting an overall grim picture of the situation.

That’s why we’re here to assist you in sorting out some of the major myths when it comes to home inspection facts, created in collaboration with a professional home inspector in Raleigh NC

Busting The Myths Surrounding Home Inspection Facts

  • Inspectors Cannot Inspect Plumbing


Every home inspector out there is capable of inspecting the plumbing inside a house. Moreover, plumbing inspections come under the provided services of the home inspectors, which means that you can expect your home inspectors to perform a thorough inspection of your plumbing lines, without you have to say for the same. 

While a home inspector might not have the expertise of solving a plumbing problem, he or she can advise you correctly in solving it, so that you don’t have to waste your precious time and enjoy peace of mind. 

  • Inspectors Cannot Inspect HVAC Systems


As a homeowner, you must learn that not all home inspectors will include the inspection of HVAC systems into their services list. Therefore, ‘cannot inspect’ and ‘not included’ are two separate things that you should be wary about. 

Thus, you should always proceed to ask the home inspector first regarding the list of services that he or she will be providing. Once done, you can then ask the home inspector for any additional services that you’d like to obtain, such as inspection of HVAC systems. Since additional services will come at an additional fee, make sure that you get the fees sorted out beforehand. 

  • Inspectors Cannot Inspect Appliances


Most prominent and reliable home inspectors out there always proceed to inspect the appliances that are installed during the time of inspection. Therefore, you can expect your hired home inspector to perform the same as well because appliance inspection forms a crucial part of the services provided by home inspectors. It’s one of the basic pieces of service that you can always expect to obtain. 

  • Inspectors Cannot Inspect Landscaping


In a nutshell, your home inspector will inspect everything around your home, including the home’s exteriors. And the home’s exteriors include the landscaping too. However, you must learn that the home inspector will only inspect the landscape that he or she feels is a major threat to the exteriors of your house. 

Some of the examples include outgrowth of plants, shrubs, bushes and the like. 

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