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Hospital Beds and Stretchers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hospital Beds and Stretchers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic’s third wave is doing much graver than the first and second ones. Every hospital is facing a shortage of beds, and the unexpected surge in Corona incidents across the world has left management and private hospitals struggling. Among rising cases and overflowing hospitals. There is a thriving demand for hospital beds and other medical tools. To meet this need companies from a diversity of manufacturing areas not traditionally linked with medical equipment manufacturers are searching for supplies to produce and market these materials to the healthcare center. This article is intended to introduce you to Top Medics Solution Surgical Solutions that could provide a wide range of hospital bed in Pakistan during the COVID-19 emergency. If you are also struggling to find the best bunch of stretchers and hospital beds in Pakistan, then scroll down and start reading!

Varieties of hospital beds

In today’s world, you have tons of choices to pick from if you’re buying for your hospital or your home. Hospital beds are available in multiple sizes, styles, and forms, with custom features like surface rails and trapezes. We want you guys to read the following types of medical beds to fully understand which is the best fit for your demands.

Full-electric beds

You can grab a hint as its name explains everything, this kind of bed progress electronically. The altitude can be fixed up and down, and the peak of the bed can sit up and lays down. Also, users can raise the bottom of the bed to provide support after the knees. All of these actions could be controlled by a remote (available on the side of the bed). A completely electric hospital bed is excellent for patients who have limited mobility.

  • Bariatric hospital beds: It is a type of full-electric therapeutic bed, specifically designed for fat patients. These beds have more powerful weight capacities. Also, they support wider mattresses.
  • Extensive care: Each section of these bed sets, which allows patients using them to raise their heels above their head or adjust up the bed like a chair. They serve best for patients with chronic ailments or those going through therapy after surgery.

Semi-electric beds

The bed length on semi-electric hospital beds sets manually with a control crank alternatively of with a button. The top and bottom of the bed serve the best as they contain powers and electricity. This bed goes well for patients who can get in and out of the rack on their own.

Manual beds

The unique way to set these beds is by applying physical effort to drive hand handles and tools. These types of beds tend to be the cheapest since the top, bottom, and length of the bed do not need machines to move.

A hand-operated or manual hospital bed works well for patients with a competent caregiver who can serve their needs 24/7. A very good thing about these manual hospital beds is they cannot make the changes themselves. These beds are also great for patients looking for a hospital bed at a reasonable price.

The Top Hospital Bed Picks – 2021

We began by considering more than 60 hospital beds available to buy online. To cover it down, we observed each customer rating and the number of reviews. We also examined hospital bed dimensions, load capacities, prices, and guarantees to choose the top picks. Below we have gathered a shortlist of the hot picks; so, have a look!

Hill Rome Bed

We would like to mention the Hill Rome Bed at the top because of its fantastic features built-in Silver Solutions technology to block odors and bacteria. It is an electrical bed that helps to increase and lower the seat with a remote. With a self-contained crank, it can be set to and multiple positions. An electrical switch can lift and reduce the top and bottom of the bed together or separately. Apart from this, a 7-inch expansion kit is accessible that fits on the top and base of the bed. This bed is easy to clean and comfortable for almost all types of patients.

Hospital Bed Electric Flat with Mattress

It is a full electric, adjustable bed that has a high-impact footboard with a quick-release feature. Besides, it has four locking wheels and two-directional wheels. This bed can rise to the height of 14.5 inches, and the bottom and top can move into nearly any position.

Get Them Now!

Don’t you think it would be a blessing to have a place that provides a wide range of hospital beds without any hassles? Well, your desire is now fulfilled by Top Medics Solution Surgical Solutions. They are offering a comprehensive bunch of medical tools and a hospital bed in Pakistan. So, cash the time, and grab the right bed for your clinic right away!

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