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Hotstar Optimized Servers – A Concept for Streaming Hotstar through VPNs

Hotstar is a well-known entertainment website for watchers worldwide, famous for their Indian shows and movies on a single platform. If you are a fan of Indian shows and movies, Hotstar is the best place for you because we’re here with a single platform, with fast streaming of top Indian shows and movies.

So, all the binge-watchers of Hotstar shows and movies can track into this article to enjoy unlimited access over the entertainment website, where the plays are produced initially from Hotstar. For a quick hack and tricks sheet, I would recommend RantEnt because they’re having all the recent hacks related to the Entertainment industry; Hotstar comes beneath it.

An essential factor for any VPN is to produce optimized results over the Internet, making the searching query of the customers viable. This article will discuss the best VPNs, with optimized server allocation and high speed, with latency for better throughput.

The Best VPN for Hotstar Streaming

Let’s discuss some of the VPNs that allow fast streaming of Hotstar with their optimized servers.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the widely used VPN networks, with extensive coverage of servers worldwide. Currently, the server count of ExpressVPN is equivalent to 3000+ in 64 countries, with high speed and optimized servers. The security protocols and policies make the connection more robust and comfortable, unblocking Hotstar from anywhere globally.

ExpressVPN is best for its optimized server results, and high throughput of speed makes the users capable of fast searching. Let’s discuss some of the locations where the servers of ExpressVPN exist with optimized results:

  1. American Regions
  2. European Region
  3. Asian Pacific
  4. Middle East Regions
  5. African Regions

All servers possess security protocols embedded with them to allow users safe and secure surfing over the Internet. Not just this, the Zero-Log policy makes the users aware that no log is being maintained about their online activities.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the cheapest and lowest budget VPN service providers globally, with highly secured security and privacy protocols making the connection strong. The pricing packages of Surfshark made them cage a vibrant image in the market in a short period. Surfshark was initially founded in 2018 to allow their customers easy searching over the Internet with well-encrypted security layers.

Hotstar is a well-known Indian movie and shows streaming website, which is geo-restricted worldwide. Surfshark allows its users to search and stream their favorite shows over Hotstar, with their bypassing feature. IP Masking, Tunneling, and Kill Switch are the most prominent features in the feature list, making the network more strong.

Let’s have a look at some of the regions where the servers of Surfshark are located:

  1. Europe
  2. America
  3. The Middle East and Asia
  4. Asian Pacific

These are some of the regions where the servers are located, although the list will go on if we keep on expanding it!

3. PureVPN

PureVPN is a HongKong based VPN service provider with an extensive network converge worldwide. The server count of PureVPN is right now reaching up to 6500+ whereas the backend team is still working to strengthen the network, with quality security features and optimized server allocations.

Hotstar can be unblocked from anywhere in the world using the network of PureVPN because they are capable of bypassing the restriction of any entertainment website efficiently with a single click.

Let’s discuss some of the regions where the servers of PureVPN are located:

  1. Australia
  2. America
  3. Canada
  4. Denmark
  5. France
  6. Germany

These are just some of the regions where the servers of PureVPN are allocated, with optimized results and throughput.

Wrapping up

Hotstar is a well-known entertainment platform from all over the world because of the customers, who are fond of Indian shows, and series.

I hope the VPNs I listed in this article will help you in fast streaming your favorite shows and series with your current physical location using a secured connection of VPN.

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