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How Can I Increase The Google Paid Ads Presence

Google Paid Ads or PPC Ads are a great way to promote your business online. One benefit of using paid Ads in the marketing strategy is, you pay to appear higher in the SERP for your targeted keywords. But it isn’t that straightforward!

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to find that your paid Google Ads are not present in the search results despite spending a lot. So, what edits, improvements, or moves can you make to increase your Google Paid Ads presence? Keep reading the article to know! First, let’s understand what factors influence the paid Ads presence on Google.

What Factors Influence The Google Paid Ads Presence?

Conducting a PPC marketing campaign on Google is valuable as it is the most valuable search engine. But, how often your Ad appears in the search results or for how long your Ad is present in the SERP depends on several factors, such as-

Bid Amount

Bid amount or Ad rank threshold is the minimum bid you need to make to secure a specific position in the search results. For example, if you bid 10 cents, you won’t be able to secure the topmost position for a phrase that costs $2 or more. Your minimum bid amount depends on the context of the search and is more important than all the other factors.

Ad’s Quality Score

Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality of your paid Ads and their relevance to the targeted keywords, landing pages, etc. If your Ad has a good quality score, you get more clicks at a lower cost, which improves your Ad’s presence.

PPC Keyword Relevance

PPC keyword research is incredibly important for your Google Paid Ad presence. Your keyword list should be relevant to the users’ search queries and the offerings you sell. It should contain frequently used search terms along with long-tail keywords.

Impact Of Ad Extension

Ad extensions allow you to add other elements, like phone numbers or links to your website pages. How these elements impact your PPC Ad also determines its rank or presence.

Now, let’s look at various ways to improve Google Ad’s presence.

How To Increase Google Paid Ads Presence?

Following are some of the ways to help you increase the Google paid Ads presence. They include simple changes to enhance your Ad’s quality and relevance, which plays an important part in your Ad’s positioning.

Bid High

While it is a bit difficult for the advertisers on a tight budget, it is the quickest way to improve your Ad’s presence or ranking. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about this tip.

By increasing your bid, you will likely move up in the SERP results and land the top spot. However, those with a tight budget can consider bidding higher on some high-value keywords that will drive more conversions. This way, you will pay only for the keywords or search terms that are most important.

Use Relevant Ad Extensions Only

Though bidding higher is the easiest and quickest way to increase your Ad’s presence, not everyone likes to pay more for the clicks. If this is the case, focus on creating more relevant Ads. And, Ad extension impacts your Ad’s rank.

Remember, adding just any Ad extension won’t work. In fact, adding random or wrong Ad extensions can affect your Google Ad’s presence. Use an Ad rank that matches your CTA; otherwise, it will send a negative signal to Google. So, use extensions to enhance your Ad’s presence, drive results, and not for the sake of using them.

Get More Specific To Improve Your Quality Score, Relevance

Create more relevant, niche-specific Ads, which are relevant to the target audience and the targeted keywords. It helps in more accurate Ad placements, driving more clicks and conversions. However, this tip takes time to work.

Go through your PPC campaign, create Ads for all the buyers’ personas, and run campaigns for different products and services you offer. Check whether your Ad copy is relevant to the specific Ad groups.

Besides, create a negative keyword list to eliminate the irrelevant keywords. Not only will it make your Ad more relevant and improve its QS, but your Ad will also increase the Ad’s presence.

Highlight Features, Benefits To Increase CTR

Your Ad’s high position isn’t the only thing that gets the users to click. In fact, by looking for ways to increase clicks, you can boost your Ad’s presence. It will also improve your quality score and boost the Ad’s relevance, ranking, and online presence.

Highlighting the benefits and features is the best way to do this. Doing so will make your Ads look more appealing to the customers. They are more likely to click the Ads, improving the Ad’s rank.

Use Google Ad Scheduling

You want your Google paid Ads to show whenever a user searches online. Or, you may want to show your Ads on some specific days, during business hours, etc. For this, you can use Google Ad scheduling.

With this, you can specify the days or hours you want your Ad to show. You can also set the bid adjustment to increase/decrease the bids. Though Google Ads campaigns are set to show Ads all day, your Ad won’t show if no one searches for the targeted keywords at the scheduled day or time.


Increasing your Google paid Ad rank, and presence seems complex. But, a few simple adjustments can help get this done quickly. Create more relevant Ads using relevant keywords and Ad extensions. Create landing pages relevant to each of the Ad groups. Keep your bids competitively high to compete with the other advertisers and get your Ad in front of the audience. It will boost the visibility, CTRs, and conversion rate of your Ads, providing you with better results.

Hopefully, these handfuls of tips will help you improve your Ad ranking and meet your PPC campaign’s objectives. Get started with any of these tips and see what works the best for you.

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