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How can I speed up hair growth after hair transplant?

Hair transplant is widely considered as a long-term or permanent solution to cover extensive hair loss. This hair restoration procedure involves transferring the hair follicles from a donor site (such as the back of the scalp) to the recipient site (where the hair loss is extensive). It helps cover up the bald patches and allows people to restore confidence in their looks and boost self-esteem. As hair fall has become a common problem, many people are turning towards such long-term options for hair restoration. Hair transplant in Istanbul and other popular medical travel countries is a safe and effective procedure. Patients from different parts of the world travel to such locations for cost-saving reliable hair transplants. However, the concern just doesnÔÇÖt stop at the day of transplantation. Most people wish to see the results as soon as possible, but it generally takes a few months before one can see proper growth. Also, the time period may vary for different individuals depending on their natural hair quality and growth factors.┬á

In the meantime, many people look for ways to speed up hair growth after hair transplantation. With the right care and appropriate precautions, one can improve the effects of the hair restoration treatment and increase its efficiency.

  • Gently touch or treat hair

itÔÇÖs important that you use them consistently, as instructed, and that you are gentle with your scalp. DonÔÇÖt shampoo your scalp until directed and when you do, be very careful with the treated area without using any rubbing movements and avoiding highly pressured water jets. When drying, simply pat your hair gently with a soft towel or air dry.

Treat the scalp softly and follow all the precautions given by the hair transplant specialist. Employ the medication or any ointment/products provided by the clinic after the hair transplant as per the doctorÔÇÖs prescription. Also ensure that there is minimum pressure applied while doing so, to prevent bothering the segments of transplanted hair follicles. Do not wash the hair before the physician advises so. Use a gentle shampoo to wash hair and apply it carefully around the region of transplanted hair follicles. Apply just a light touch to spread the shampoo and do not make rubbing motions around the transplanted area. Gently rinse out the shampoo and avoid strong water pressure. To dry the scalp, pat with a soft towel.

  • A balanced diet and good nutrition

Hair strands are made up of a protein called keratin. Therefore, to generate this in the body, it is important to include high-quality forms of protein and take adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Also, including a broad spectrum of nutrients in the form of whole, vegetables, fruits, and good fats are good. It is usually advisable to avoid sugar and junk food as much as possible. Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. Also, avoid any allergens or items that may lead to low-level inflammation. The right diet will help improve the proper hair regrowth and a healthy scalp. Studies have also indicated that good nutrition may enhance hair development. 

Antioxidant-rich foods, such as blueberries, peppers, squash, cherries, and berries are also beneficial.

  • DonÔÇÖt itch or pick on the scalp

As the scalp heals after the hair transplant, the patient may feel the need to touch due to the scabbing or itching in the transplanted area. It is best to avoid picking and scratching the area. If it is significantly bothersome, contact the hair clinic for advice. Simply keep the hands away from the scalp as it recovers. 

  • Rest and recuperate┬á

After the hair transplant, one must relax and focus on recovery for a week or a few days. Avoid exercise or sport and restrict physical actions right after the transplant. This means avoiding physical tasks, such as running, bicycling, and athletics for at least a week or ten days. The rest is important as it helps stop regions of hair thinning hair from falling from the scalp. Also, it helps the body to recover quickly and prevent any transplanted hair from falling away from the scalp. 

  • Gentle massages

Treat the scalp with some gentle massage after the doctor gives a go-ahead to start touching or massaging the region around the transplanted hair. It is also advised to use a mixture of three drops of the essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and lavender with some base oil for the massage. These essential oils might help stimulate new hair growth. Gently apply the oil mix to the scalp and massage lightly with circular motions to stimulate hair growth, once or twice every day.

Hair transplant results may vary for different people, but it is generally considered an effective treatment for hair loss. The post-recovery period is an important phase and all instructions given by the doctor should be carefully followed. The doctor may also recommend some topical hair treatments to speed up healthy hair regrowth. 

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