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How Different Colours Of Curtains Can Enhance The Appeal Of Your Room

Colours play more important roles in our lives than one might think. The colour we see regularly can impact our feelings, moods and even trigger memories associated with the colours. Hence, we need to put some thought into it, especially when decorating a bedroom.

While paints and wallpapers are simple ways to bring the right colour to our rooms, we cannot change at any given time. This is where curtains and blinds come in as we can change them whenever necessary, especially when we can get curtains from Northside Curtains & Blinds at affordable prices. 

Therefore, let’s take a look at some common drape and blind colours and how they can enhance the overall appeal of a room.

Here’s How You Can Incorporate Different Curtain Themes In Your Room

  • Red Curtains

Red is generally referred to as the colour of love and passion. Most people believe that having a red-coloured curtain in a room can add a whole different vibe to the ambience of a room. 

Hence we can use red curtains in a room where we want to create different energy igniting intimate feelings. Especially if we are looking for curtains for our master bedroom, red will be an ideal choice for that room.   

  • Green Curtains

The colour green is associated with many different things, such as nature, wealth, and even envy. However, it is all about the shade of the green we want in our room at the end of the day. 

At the same time, some shades of green can remind us of different elements of nature, such as grass or trees, while other shades can be more stimulating. But one thing is for sure that green is a very flexible colour and one can use it in any room of their house based on the ambience they want in the room while implementing different ideas for your room.

  • Yellow Curtains

Yellow is by far one of the boldest colours. This is because this bright colour tends to reflect a lot more light than it absorbs. Hence yellow is often associated with the sun or other things that ignite a bright feeling. 

However, the tone or shade of yellow also plays an essential role because certain shades of yellow give off an aggressive vibe. Therefore, unless someone is going for a bold vibe, it is better to stick with the lighter shades of yellow as it will trigger a feeling of joy and happiness.

  • Orange Curtains

We get an orange colour when we mix red and yellow. As we have already discussed, red resembles passion and yellow resembles joy so putting them together gives out a friendly vibe. 

Orange is often associated with inspiration, creativity, and fun that will certainly encourage. Therefore, we can use orange curtains, Adelaide, in our home office as this will stimulate us to work better.              

Final Thoughts

Every colour has a negative or positive impact on our mood and how we experience a space. Therefore, we should think about the type of ambience we want in a room and get the preferred curtains from a reliable store like Northside Curtain & Blinds.

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