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How Docker Consulting Services Changing the Business Environment

Containers are very important for application development. They are needed to maintain consistency across all platforms throughout the application development cycle and are therefore becoming increasingly popular among modern developers.

Over the years, Docker consulting services have grown in popularity in cloud and container packaging and application distribution. Applications developed in Docker work on any computer and are therefore highly compatible.

Docker Growth

Before containers were released, developers used virtual machines to develop applications. The application performs well in its environment but encounters many problems when it reaches the production environment. This prevents large enterprises from using microservices architectures, and this is where Docker comes to the rescue.

Docker turned out to be a real game changer, as apps work together in a development environment and a production environment.

Docker is growing rapidly as more and more companies migrate to Docker for software development.

According to a 2020 Stack Overflow study, Docker is the second most popular platform after Linux. The study also shows that Docker is the most preferred technology developer to study in 2020.

Why is Docker a preferred choice?

Docker is hotter than hot because it allows more applications to run on the same legacy server, and it also makes it easier to package and ship programs. Here’s what you need to know about why Docker is your go-to choice.


One of the biggest advantages of Docker containers is compatibility or portability. Docker container images can easily run on any platform like AWS, Google Cloud, or any other platform with the same performance. The only requirement is that the platform supports Docker. Because all libraries and dependencies are grouped together in a Docker image, it runs at the same speed regardless of whether it’s deployed on Amazon EC2 or Google Cloud.

Developers can also quickly and seamlessly migrate Docker images from localhost to cloud platforms. Developers don’t have to adjust the environment or fix environmental errors, which saves time.

Better performance

Docker containers allow developers to develop, test, and deploy multiple times during the development cycle. Since every developer on the team uses the same Docker core platform, application development is standardized.

The standard infrastructure allows all team members to be on an equal footing and thereby multiplying productivity. Everyone has the same access rights to debug and optimize the performance of their application if necessary. This helps save time that could be wasted troubleshooting errors one by one.


Because Docker is based on containerization technology, it is scalable and flexible. Deploying Docker images to multiple servers is quite easy. It’s very easy to update apps using Docker. All you have to do is make changes to the Docker image, test the new container, and extend it.

Similarly, one can improve or optimize the performance of Docker images without downtime. Dockers supports rapid application development, and Docker images can be hosted on servers such as cloud platforms, physical servers, and data servers. Docker makes it easy to start and stop applications quickly, allowing for flexibility.

Save cost

One of the main reasons large companies love Docker is that it helps them save money in the long run. So far we’ve only talked about the technical aspects of Docker, but we can’t ignore the business aspects. The main goal of every business is profitability. It is not easy for any business to migrate from an existing technology to a newer one as it causes a lot of disruption and initial investment.

The return on investment in Docker is huge, which helps developers reduce costs and increase profits in the future. Docker significantly reduces infrastructure costs because it doesn’t use any system resources compared to virtual machines.

Another big benefit of migrating to Docker is that it requires less staff than traditional workflows. This lowers labor costs for the company.

Version control

In contrast to virtual machines, Docker containers offer the huge added advantage of an integrated version control system. Any changes you make to the Docker image are automatically version controlled during distribution.

If there is a problem with the current version of the image, you can revert to the previous stable version in no time. This is to avoid interruptions or downtime.


Docker is not only scalable and inexpensive, but also offers the highest level of security. By default, all applications running in Docker containers are completely separate from each other. Docker containers cannot access data or other container resources without appropriate access.

Continuous testing

With Docker containers, developers can test their applications from the start of development to the end of production. Docker containers are consistent throughout the development and production cycles, so developers can use the same containers anywhere without manual intervention.

Developers can update apps during the release cycle by modifying code in existing Docker images rather than building them from scratch. With Docker, you can test and run Docker images on multiple servers at the same time.

Bottom line:

Container technology will still be around. Many companies have switched from virtual machines to containers not only because they spin faster and lighter, but also because they are so easy to maintain.

Docker has fundamentally changed since its introduction in 2013. Docker and containers give developers more freedom while providing the opportunity to build business applications that respond quickly to changing business conditions. Furthermore, Docker is more profitable and offers easy integration with Microservices. With easy integration, docker offers significant cost savings. it’s a lightweight process that enable developers to easily pack, ship, and run any application as a portable, self-sufficient container, which can run virtually anywhere.

Choose the right Docker consulting services for better quality and efficiency in software development and infrastructure management. Right docker consulting service will help you in business growth. You can choose Impressico Docker services. Impressico has expertise in implementing high availability, auto-scalable cloud solutions across all major cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and more. Our DevOps Engineers are adept in all DevOps methodologies and competent in both manual and automated deployment

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