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How Much Does Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Cost

Did you know that your HVAC unit’s air filter is not efficient in straining all pollutants? Commercial spaces have a polluted environment because of the greater exposure to the general public. When polluted air is sucked by the HVAC unit, you will experience clogged ducts, reduced efficiency, high energy bills, and bad indoor air quality. Hence, experts recommend regular air duct cleaning for the best comfort. When it comes to ductwork cleaning, the cost is a major binding factor. Therefore, this article will highlight how much does commercial air duct cleaning costs? 

What is Commercial Ductwork Cleaning? 

Commercial Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Roswell requires specialized equipment to remove filth and contaminants in the ductwork. The kit may include vacuum, whips, and compressed air nozzles. 

Which Factors Influence Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Costs? 

Regular HVAC Cleaning in Roswell is essential. If your commercial setup uses a ducted system for heating and cooling purposes, then it is likely to accumulate dust, debris, mold, and other contaminants with time. 

Number Of Personnel Needed to Perform the Task 

The cost depends on how many personnel your contractor will require for cleaning your ductwork system in an appropriate time frame. The size of your ductwork system or building can determine the cost. So, you know that more labor means higher cleaning costs. 

Also, before you hire a service, you should discuss the hourly labor rates with your company beforehand. Although material cost is also included in the final invoice but labor is always a more significant part. 

The Number of Ductworks That Require Cleaning 

Another major factor that impacts HVAC maintenance is the number of ductworks that require cleaning. The more the ductwork, the more the cost. Every contractor will diversely evaluate your ductworks. Some will determine the dimensions of the ductwork of your building and charge you accordingly. However, others may emphasize linear feet. 

The Extent of Cleaning Required 

Cleaning is a great challenge for the technicians if you have to deal with mold infected, pest ridden, clogged, or contaminated. Hence, it will require more time, labor, and skills. When the technician visits you, they analyze your ductwork to know the extent of cleaning required. Your environment, usage, and cleaning frequency help determine the cleaning cost. 

For commercial ductwork, experts suggest cleaning after every three to five years. However, if your surroundings are dusty, damp, or polluted, then you may consider planning it earlier. Hence, you will be able to enjoy clean air and good health. 

Accessing Your Ducts and HVAC Unit 

Another essential factor that impacts the cost of cleaning is how conveniently the technician can access your HVAC unit or ductwork. If your building has easy access points like vents, grilles, grates, and registers, your technician will be able to clean it effortlessly. However, you will have to pay higher if your ductworks are complicated to access. 

The Condition of Your Ducts 

While the cleanliness of your ducts is a significant aspect, their condition also matters when calculating the cleaning cost. While examining the vents, if your technician discovers a hole, they may suggest getting it repaired first. A majority of the technicians who can clean your system can fix it also. Hence, it will add to your final bill amount. 

The Material of the Ducts 

Materials like fiberglass and sheet are used to manufacture ducts. The non-metallic elastic duct material (as of wiring) helps boost its functionality. Hence, such ducts are easy to manage, and they tend to wear off if not appropriately maintained. 


Many buildings may use asbestos for their duct insulation or register boots. Therefore, it is not a risk-free job to remove asbestos material. Therefore, it requires a skilled person who uses a unique technique and equipment. So, you will have to pay a higher cost. 

Size of Your Heating and Cooling System 

Ductwork cleaning costs may also depend on the size of your HVAC system. A larger system means higher cost, whereas a smaller unit means less cost. Your technician will have to put in more effort to clean, repair and disinfect a larger system. 

Why is it Important to Clean Commercial Ducts? 

When you choose an HVAC maintenance plan from a leading contractor, they may not only offer cleaning. They carefully inspect the ductwork system, repair any faults, clean and disinfect the system. If you want a well-maintained and efficient HVAC system, you will have to choose a reliable contractor. 

Suppose you want to have an estimate of the commercial duct cleaning service from a reliable contractor. In that case, they may consider the size of your system, ease of access, number of heaters, number of vents, repair, mold presence, pest invasion, the extent of HVAC use, and duct material. 

How to Prevent Ductwork Contamination? 

As a responsible employer or homeowner, you need to be particular about HVAC cleaning and maintenance. You will realize that paying for regular system maintenance will save you a great deal of money in the future. Clean ductworks tend to use less energy. Hence, it will save your bills.

Also, costly repairs, system breakdowns, and frequent HVAC replacements are less likely to occur. On top of it, you will be able to enjoy clean and pollutant-free air that will positively impact your health and wellbeing. 

Hence, it would be better if you looked for reliable HVAC contractors to schedule regular maintenance services. You can also frequently inspect your system, replace your air filter and clean the coils. You should also make sure that the air suction of your HVAC system is positioned away from polluted sources. Hence, you should seal the ducts if there is any construction work being done. 

What Benefits Will Your Company Have? 

If you choose regular commercial ductwork cleaning services, your employees will be able to breathe in a hygienic environment. They will remain healthy and productive. It will improve your business profitability. Also, when you are challenged economically during the pandemic, you need to ensure that your environment is contaminant-free to prevent further loss. 

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