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How Much Does Door to Door Car Transport Service Cost?

When it comes to driving long distances, some people cannot afford to go through the stress involved. Well, this is well understood given the several disadvantages of doing so. The truth is that such people have alternatives.

One such is hiring drivers to make the trip with their cars. For more information on this, you can visit: However, some people do not consider this a suitable enough option. The fact that it does not solve the problem of increased mileage and carbon footprint are reasons for this.

So, engaging auto transport companies is considered one of the best options by many. This is especially true when premium door-to-door auto-transport service is what is opted for. However, it comes at an extra cost, which has led many to ask how much this service costs. Well, that will be addressed here in this article.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Door-to-Door Auto Transport Service


For starters, door-to-door auto transport service is not a basic car shipping service. It is a premium service and as with several other premium services, it costs more to enjoy such services.

However, it is considered worth it for several reasons, including the enhanced ease it offers and more. How much it costs to use this premium service for auto transportation depends on factors including:


This is the most paramount cost-determining factor. Shorter distances would normally result in reduced costs. On the other hand, longer trips translate to more expenses. As a result, auto transport companies are more likely to charge more for such.

Furthermore, the location where the car will be shipped is also a determinant. For example, shipping to metropolitan areas will be cheaper than shipping to very remote and/or rural areas.


The law of demand and supply does play out in the auto transport industry. There are periods when there is a dwindling demand for these services. As a result, these companies have to compete furiously for the few available clients. This often leads to reduced cost as a result of supply exceeding demand.

On the flip side, there are periods when demand for auto transport services is so high. It even gets to points when people who do not book ahead may not get spots with some companies. The excessive demand during such periods means that these companies have leverage.

As a result, it is common for some of them to increase the cost of their services, including the premium door-to-door auto transport service. You can read this piece to make more sense of how demand and supply affect cost.

Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle to be shipped determines the cost of shipping it with door-to-door service. Speaking of the type of vehicle determining the cost of using this service, there are usually two things considered.

The first is about the automobile’s value. Generally speaking, it costs more to ship high-value vehicles than regular ones. The term high-value refers to vehicles that are vintage, classic, and/or expensive.

For those asking why it is more expensive to ship such vehicles, there are several reasons why. One such is the extent of insurance that these vehicles require.

Secondly, the weight of the vehicle is a major cost determinant. It costs more to ship vehicles that weigh more, as well as those that take up more space. This is why heavy-duty automobiles are more expensive to ship.

Vehicle Condition

It is possible to transport both operable and inoperable vehicles. However, it costs more to transport the latter than the former. This is because of the additional stress and need for more specialized equipment when shipping a vehicle in an inoperable state.

Trailer Carrier

Trailers are commonly used for cross-country auto transport tasks. This is for reasons including accessibility and cost.

As it pertains to accessibility, you should know that most parts of this country can be accessed by road. This is despite the country’s huge landmass. Furthermore, it costs less to ship vehicles by road than by rail and most definitely, by air.

Having made this clear, two kinds of trailers can move vehicles by road. There is the open trailer, as well as the enclosed trailer.

Auto transport is more expensive with the enclosed option. This is because it is discreet, transports fewer vehicles, and usually offers more benefits such as better insurance coverage. So, people who use door-to-door auto transport services with enclosed trailer carriers should be prepared to pay more.


Some companies offer more competitive rates than others. So, the company chosen for door to door car shipping matters in this regard. This is why cost should also play a huge role when choosing these companies.

Final Note

Door-to-door auto transport service offers more benefits than the basic terminal-to-terminal auto transport service. This is because it is a premium service.

As a result, it costs more. Some of the factors that determine how much it costs have been discussed here. By and large, companies that offer quality door-to-door auto transport services but competitive rates should be patronized in the best interest of clients.

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