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How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Commercial Carpets?

There’s no denying that dirt always has this uncanny habit of finding its way into office buildings. That’s because commercial carpets tend to receive a lot of dirt & dust, especially in high-traffic places. It’s often hard to be exactly accurate regarding the frequency of your commercial carpet cleaning procedure because there are manifold factors that come into play such as the type of carpet you’re using and the average footfall per day. 

Depending on such factors, your carpet cleaning procedure will also vary. That’s why we have formulated some useful tips & tricks for you to learn, which will help you to know the frequency of your commercial carpet cleaning task. As a result, you can expect to extend the life of your carpet, while also preserving the appearance. 

Don’t Believe That Too Much Cleaning Will Shorten The Life Of Your Carpet

There’s a common myth surrounding the cleaning of commercial carpets that too much cleaning can lead to shortening of the life of the carpet or make it look worse. That’s why most office managers wait for their office carpets to get dirty before finally giving them for cleaning. 

But, the real truth – suggested by professional rug steam cleaning services is that – cleaning your carpets regularly will eventually help in increasing their overall lifespan, making it look pristine over time. However, it should be realized that there’s also the cleaning cost that is involved with frequent cleaning procedures, which means an increase in the cleaning budget for your business.

That’s why it’s vital to keep your carpet clean from the first day so that you don’t have to expend much on the cleaning side of things while also preserving the carpet’s properties & appearance.

Significant Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Carpet Clean

  • Perform Vacuuming

You must understand that regular vacuuming is the best way to keep your carpet free from all kinds of dust & dirt. The only thing that you need to invest in vacuuming is the overall time that you’ll spend on the task. However, you must remember to only use a powerful vacuum for your requirements and carry out the process slowly. 

  • Perform Spot Cleaning

There’s no doubt that individual stains on your clean carpet can easily lead to an eye-sore for your employees and visitors, which is why spot cleaning is extremely necessary, as and when the staining takes place. You can either opt for DIY procedures or better call a professional carpet cleaning service for the same. 

On that note, if you need any assistance regarding the cleaning of your commercial carpet, don’t forget to reach out. We have specialized carpet cleaners, ready to meet your needs anytime.

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