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How Rotavators Help Break Barriers In Agriculture Industry

Whether you are planning to get rid of residues of the previous crop or work on the soil to prepare a new seedbed for your next crop, a Rotavator is a tool that you will require to do both these jobs efficiently. It is also known as Rotary Tiller and is one of the primary agricultural equipment utilized in Indian Farming. GarudImplements, being one of the leading Tractor implement manufacturers in India, offers various types of rotavators according to your needs and budget.

Rotavator is a powerful equipment that helps with cutting, pulverizing, and leveling the soil efficiently. It consists of a gearbox that helps it to move forward and adjusts the forward speed, whereas the rotational momentum of the implement’s tines stays consistent. This functionality supports the farmers to work appropriately and reduces the overall workload. However, rotavators are considered to be heavy-duty equipment. Attaching the rotary tiller to a tractor is a quick, simple task and doesn’t require special skills.

Benefits of using the rotavators on your farms

  • It can be used for the lands of all varieties and textures.
  • Best to use for all kinds of crops, mainly for destroying crop residues.
  • It empowers the farmers to create seedbeds without requiring much workforce.
  • It helps with the reduction of fuel consumption.
  • You can use it for dry as well as wetland farming.
  • An ideal option for loosening and aerating your farming soil up to a depth of 130 mm to 1000mm.
  • It is one of the quickest ways to prepare seedbeds.
  • Rotavators are easy to operate and maintain.

Key applications of rotavators 

Chopping and mixing

You can use a rotavator to chop and mix the crops in an easy way. It is best for tobacco, sugarcane, rice, etc.

Tilling & planting

Rotavator can make the planting process easy for you. Though, you will have to equip it with a toolbar mounted planter. It also helps with quick tillage.


Rotavators are best for row crop cultivation and will require very less manual effort.

Weed management

Rotavators help with proper weed management on your farms without having to spend a massive amount of time.

Selecting a Rotavator

If you have made the decision to invest in a rotavator, you should choose one that fits all your requirements. Don’t forget to compare various models available in the marketplace. It is recommended to buy the heavy-duty model for complicated and commercial usage. Investing in a supreme quality rotavator will help you save money in the long run. Machinery bought from the reputed Agriculture Rotavator Manufacturers will result in lower maintenance costs. Machinery that is of low quality will require frequent repairs, which will ultimately increase the costs.

If you are low on budget, second-hand agriculture rotavators from one of the top companies is also a good option for you. Always check that the equipment is maintained properly, and not any part of it is damaged.

Agriculture lands with challenging and uneven terrain will require rotavators with large grooved wheels for adequate functioning. The speed of these implements also depends on the model you choose to invest in.

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