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If you are looking to increase your Instagram followers UK and grow much more on Instagram, surely you already know that this can be achieved through interactions, and the  Instagram algorithm also has a lot to do with it, in that sense, we believe it is pertinent to inform you much more about this topic so you can get the most out of one of the most popular social networks today.

Also, we will tell you everything you have to take into account so that you can generate a greater number of interactions within Instagram, and you can grow within it, especially if you are thinking of promoting a brand in a better way or simply make yourself known within the platform.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today, and through it, it is possible to publish a series of quite interactive content, where we can highlight:  publications of photos, videos, stories, and a host of very interesting content.

Also, it has become a fairly complete network when it comes to promoting the marketing strategies of any brand. Currently, it has more than 1 billion users, so it is a very interesting social network, and worth knowing.

What is the Instagram algorithm?

The algorithms of Instagram were born in 2016, and as time has passed, they have been changing, in that time, Instagram declared to its users that through this algorithm it was possible to prioritize each of the contents within the feed or start, but based on the tastes of each user within the social network.

This algorithm is especially helpful when organizing and filtering the content that is uploaded by each of the users of the application, using logic is of great help when displaying content that may be of great interest to each one of those people. In that sense, the objective is currently oriented at the moment of satisfying any user so that they remain much longer within the social network.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Currently, the Instagram algorithm has as its main purpose and is to predict which photos and videos are of greater importance or are of greater interest to users, and this is done through three extremely fundamental factors: interests or likes, feed or timeline, and connections with other people who are friends of your friends.

  • Interests or likes, here the degree of importance of a certain publication will be reflected, Instagram will be in charge of showing you publications that you might like, to display it within the feed. As well, within the “explore “option, you will get a series of content full of that content that interests you so much.
  • Feed or chronology, the Instagram algorithm will be able to prioritize all those publications that are recent, so we will no longer have to see our feed full of publications that are more than a week old.
  • Connections with other people, when you comment a lot on other people’s publications, this can indicate to Instagram that you have a close relationship with this person, so it will be possible that they will think of you to leave a series of recommendations or suggestions from friends.

Importance of knowing the Instagram algorithm

If within your objectives within this network, being able to stand out and grow within it is present, then you must know everything related to the operation of this algorithm.

Therefore, you must do things well based on it, to make your account grow much more, thus finding the best results when both growing and increasing your popularity within the network.

How to grow on Instagram?

Now, let’s get to know what are the steps you can follow when getting the most out¬†of the Instagram algorithm so that in this way you can beat it and increase your visibility within this social network.

 Create an attractive profile

Once you have created your account on Instagram, it is essential that your profile is completely attractive, so that users feel interested in following you, in that sense, we recommend that, when describing yourself, you make it clear what you want to transmit with your profile.

In that sense, your Bio should be to the point, but always with a personal touch, it is also recommended to use at least one tag within the Bio related to what you do, so that you can position yourself in search engines.

Also, try to create a user name that is easy to remember and creative, that largely highlights your brand.

Increase your interactions

If there is something that Instagram rewards, they are those publications where the¬†interactions are quite relevant, this is also known as¬†“Engagement¬†.¬†That is why it is necessary to use all the tools that Instagram offers us when generating the content, including¬†Instagram stories or Stories, videos, IG Live,¬†for example.

Of course, it does not just mean uploading the content, but trying to make it as interactive as possible, to reach many more people, who could become new followers, which would mean an increase in interactions within this social network. Currently, one of the contents that are mostly consumed in the popular stories or Instagram Stories, these have a duration of 24 hours in the feed or start of the people who follow you, and in case you want it to last for much longer. , you can proceed to highlight them within your profile.

Create quality content

Another very important aspect, and which is also closely related to generating Engagement, is how content is to be created, we must know how to choose well, what is the type of content that we are going to upload on our social network, many Sometimes to get a better idea, it is recommended to use a publication calendar, to have an order or to keep an order of what we want to post on each day of the week.

Take care of the quality of both the images and the videos that you are going to publish, enter this aspect, remember that, since Instagram is a highly visual social network, what you publish will greatly influence the increase in your interactions.

Both a personal brand and the brand of a company are at stake if the quality of the content is not taken care of. Luckily for us, technology has advanced a lot, and it is no longer necessary to have professional cameras, but many Smartphones can help us make our content stand out from the rest.

Take advantage of the video format

Publishing videos is an excellent idea since videos in autoplay are capable of capturing much more the attention of users, especially when they scroll, something that the Instagram algorithm loves.

Also, which is one of the best ways to retain them and keep them connected with our posts. And the fact that a follower spends a lot of time on a certain post can greatly influence our score on Instagram.

Currently, there are certain video formats available on Instagram: videos in a publication format, videos for Stories or Instagram Stories, or even, if you want a video with a longer duration then you can make use of Instagram Live.

Use hashtags or tags

Hashtags have become a fundamental element within any network¬†when publishing, and it is that they are capable of facilitating content searches among several people, it is even one way to facilitate other people to reach your profile.¬†And if they’re interested, they might start following you.

It is recommended that your publications have no more than five hashtags or tags (#), and they always have to be related to your brand, and to the content you are publishing at the moment, to help describe your publications in a better way This way, you can appear in search engines

Make use of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the best ways to reach new followers, especially when you are using Instagram to promote a brand or product. Through this, it will be possible to reach many more people but always with the premise of not selling a product, but the feeling of having it or acquiring it.

Currently, there are different types of Storytelling, of which we can choose the one that best suits our brand, among them:

  • Process of elaboration of a product, where all fundamental aspects will be taken into account both from the beginning to the end of its elaboration.
  • Stories with outcomes, in this type of Storytelling it will be possible for you and a client of your brand to be the protagonist.¬†In these types of stories, it should be highlighted how a certain need has been solved when purchasing your brand’s product.
  • Anecdotes, here it is possible to have all the curious aspects that are related to both your product and your brand.

Post at the right time

Although it is important to have activity within Instagram, in the sense that you should not publish from month to month, but periodically, it is also very important that you publish in the hours where you have a greater probability of getting new interactions from the moment you make a post. This is often easy to know if you have access to Instagram statistics.


Even these statistics are of great help to know what type of audience you are addressing, it is even possible to know from the sex of each person to the age, and other important aspects, which can help you design your marketing strategies.

We must emphasize that to have access to the statistics and to know what is the best time to make publications, your profile must be configured as a company profile, and not as a personal profile.

Reply to the comments of your followers

Also, it is an excellent idea to be able to interact with your Instagram followers in a much more personalized way and you can do this by responding to the comments they make on your publications, especially from the first hours after they have been made, being an of the best ways to keep your account engagement alive.

Also, it is one of the most effective methods, since, at the moment you interact for the first time with your community, you will have greater possibilities that they will do so in other opportunities, and therefore, your interactions will increase.

Generate participatory content

There are many ways to create content that apart from being interactive, is completely participatory, and you can achieve it through various options, including by conducting surveys, or you can also create contests where you tell your followers to invite their friends to comment or follow your account, in exchange for a prize.

Set location or geolocation to your publications

This is another simple method when it comes to generating greater visibility, and, therefore, it will help you grow within Instagram since if you indicate where a certain publication was made, it can be seen thanks to search engines.

How can you measure the reach of a post on Instagram?

One of the best ways to evaluate your reach through Instagram is through statistics since they are the ones that will indicate in a much more exact way everything concerning the number of impressions or views that you are having within the network social through the content you post.

Remember that to access them it is essential to have the company profile, which is different from the personal profile.

How to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm?

When using the Instagram algorithm in our favor, it is important to make use of the tools or tips that we have presented in the last section, to greatly improve the connection with our entire audience, and thus achieve greater visibility within Instagram. And this will undoubtedly make the algorithm work in your favor in an extremely simple way.

In this way we have finished with our post, we hope it has been totally clear when you know how the Instagram algorithm works, and you can use it in the best possible way, especially, when positioning yourself in one of the most popular social networks today.

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