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How to choose a bed?

The bed is the main element not only of the bedroom but also of the apartment. This is a resting place where you want to return after a working day, so it is important to choose a product that fully meets your taste in terms of functional characteristics and appearance. The purpose of the beds is different, but, as a rule, it is purchased for a long time and must be made of reliable, durable materials. To determine the choice among the variety of modern models, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the material.

The size

Choose your bed size based on your age, the number of people sleeping, and the size of your bedroom. The length of the bed is the height of the sleeper plus 20-30 cm. Take into account the size of the bedside tables, cabinets and lay a place so that their doors can open and close freely. It is recommended to leave at least 70 cm for walkways around the bed. Below are the standard sizes of the products.

  • Children’s. From 60×120 to 90×200 cm.
  • One-bedroom. From 80×190 to 90×220 cm.
  • One and a half sleeping. From 120×190 to 140×220 cm.
  • Double. From 160×190 to 200×220 cm.

Corner models and sofa / ottoman beds will become a compact option. Non-standard models of round and other shapes are possible. On our website, you can order a product according to individual sizes. If you purchase a custom-sized bed, be prepared that in the future you will need a mattress and other custom-made bedding accessories.


Different models assume different configurations, that is, the presence of certain structural elements. In most cases, you can choose a set with a bed frame or purchase the following items additionally:

  • Base. What the mattress is on. Responsible for the orthopedic properties of the berth.
  • Headboard. Upper headboard. Convenient for reading a book or watching TV.
  • Foot. Lower headboard. In most cases, it has a decorative function.
  • Mattress. Together with the base of the bed, it provides orthopedic and comfort of the sleeping place.


  • Solid. The base is made of boards, plywood, or chipboard. It is a flat, level surface on which the mattress is placed. Due to the tight, continuous fit of the mattress to the base, full ventilation of the bed is not provided. The orthopedic properties of a mattress on such a base are partially lost. A solid base is a suitable option for people who are medically advised to sleep on flat, hard surfaces.
  • Orthopedic. The base is made of lamellas or slats, attached to the base frame with the help of special fasteners – lat holders. Due to the elastic lamellas, the mattress adapts better to the curves of the body, revealing its orthopedic properties. Orthopedic bases differ in the number and thickness of lamellae, the recommended average size of lamellae per one berth is 30 pcs.


With lifting mechanism. A practical choice for small bedrooms. Due to a special mechanism, the base of the bed rises, freeing up access to space under the mattress, where bedding is removed. They can be either single or double.

With boxes. A convenient option for cots and small bedrooms. The drawers will hold toys, books, blankets, and pillows. Drawers can be built into the bed structure or purchased separately.

Frame material

  • Metal. Strong, durable material. Suitable for lovers of forged furniture. A metal bed will not fit into every design, so consider whether it will look organic in your bedroom. Metal beds vary in price: they can be either premium copper or bronze beds with carved headboards, or regular steel or aluminum beds. An interesting solution will be a model where metal and wood are combined at the same time.
  • Artificial tree. Materials based on wood chips, bonded with a special resin or paraffin. Basic materials: MDF, chipboard, laminated chipboard, plywood. Moderately strong materials, the advantage of which is relatively low cost. When purchasing beds from such materials, make sure they are safe, since low-quality models can release harmful substances into the air.
  • Natural wood. Beds made of solid natural wood are made of mahogany, beech, oak, etc. They are distinguished by excellent characteristics and environmental friendliness (if non-toxic varnishes were used in the production). Such beds are strong, durable, and more expensive than models made from artificial counterparts. Pine and birch beds are the most affordable, but less durable. Beds made of natural wood will make the room more comfortable, and massive models made of precious wood will suit lovers of luxury.


Often the headboard, footboard, bed frame is covered with upholstery, which gives the product its own style. In addition to external characteristics, the upholstery is responsible for how the bed will feel to the touch. Below are the main upholstery materials.

  • Leather. The most expensive and whimsical material to care for. Strong, very durable with proper care.
  • Eco-leather. Modern universal and budget analog of leather. It is produced by applying a layer of polyurethane to a cotton surface.
  • The cloth. The most budgetary option. There are many options for fabrics, the most popular are matting, chenille, jacquard, velour.


To kid. Newborn children get rocking chairs, cradles and pendulum beds made of non-toxic materials, teenagers – standard single or even one-and-a-half models, sofa / ottoman models are also suitable. Popular options for a nursery are loft beds, bunk models, transforming beds, and beds with a work area, made of both wood and metal.

Home. A home bed is chosen depending on style preferences and requirements for comfort and ergonomics. It should fit in with the bedroom and be made from durable high-quality materials so that it won’t have to be changed after a few years. If the space of the room allows, choose massive models from solid wood or metal, if the room is small – models with a lifting mechanism or with storage boxes.

To the country house or for a rented apartment. Inexpensive compact prefabricated models made of pine or birch, MDF or chipboard are suitable. The advantages of prefabricated models are ease of transportation and ease of assembly. In the absence of non-standard loads, such beds can also serve for many years.


When choosing a bed, not only the appearance of the product and its correspondence to the interior of the bedroom is important. In addition to external characteristics, modern models differ in their design, ergonomic properties, materials. Decide on the size of the bed and the dimensions of your bedroom, depending on which you choose a solid massive, or transforming compact model. The most durable and expensive are structures made of natural wood and metal, beds made of MDF, and laminated chipboard – a budget option.

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