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How to Choose a Perfect Men’s Leather Jacket

Is there anything more masculine in its essence than a leather jacket? The leather jacket is an amazing wardrobe staple. However, we know that buying and keeping one for you can be really tricky and not everyone’s cup of tea. A high-quality, classic leather jacket can last you a lifetime, but it is a big investment. Good leather jackets can be quite expensive, so you want to be sure you’re choosing the best jacket for your wardrobe. It is imperative to know about the most popular leather jacket styles and many more factors. This includes choosing the right type of animal skin and paying fine attention to the jacket’s details. Only then, you’ll be able to profoundly choose a timeless jacket that is versatile, compliments your style, and will look even better over time.

1. Leather

Paying close attention while choosing the right leather is very important. Consider this the fundamental basis and the first step towards owning a leather jacket for your life. Some are quite thick, thin, hard, super soft, shiny, suede or have a distinct texture. All of these details play a part in how it will sit, wear and ultimately its versatility. Comfortable leather jackets can be very difficult to find and most cases confuse the shopper. Picking a jacket which has a rich, smooth and subtle texture will help in the long run and will also be worth the money. Premium quality leather jackets age like fine wine, it naturally creases, softens, gets scratched and fade. Furthermore, the right leather will take all of this in its stride to create the character of the Bomber Leather Jackets.

2. Length

Choosing a standard-length leather jacket is confusing and a hard decision to make. You can either go for a cropped jacket or for a normal length jacket and this is a tricky choice in itself. Deciding on whether to buy a cropped jacket or one that ends on the hips can be tricky. With exquisite sense of style some top designers and stylists recommend to go for standard length jacket. This is because it’s versatile and easy to match and carry with several types of outfits. It really does depend on your body shape and what you want to mainly style it with. If you’re buying a leather jacket to work with dresses then a cropped jacket is really the best and flattering choice. However, if you wish to wear them with jeans then the longer length works the best and looks the best.

3. Hardware

The importance of hardware incorporated into the jackets is extremely important but goes really under the bar of attention. Start noticing the shades and tones of the hardware as it really compliments your jacket and the overall contrast. Hardware is really important to look for in a jacket as it can set your accessory game on fire or bring it all down.

4. Shoulder Alignment

The shoulders should line up perfectly and form structure and a finessed fit. Unless you’re going for an oversized boyfriend style, then make sure the shoulders don’t sit too wide. If they sit too narrow then you need to up a size because it’s likely you won’t be able to move your arms. This can cause extreme uncomfortable and stiffness in your movements. This will ultimately result in buying another pair of a jacket which can cause some serious expenditure.

5. Lapel/collar and lining

A classic lapel collar has been an instant charmer, it adds structure and elevation into your style and over all look. Avoiding anything too trendy can be safe game for people who aren’t much experimental concerning their style and look. Drape, shearing or fur can really take a jacket to another level of aesthetics.

Internal lining is a very essential and valuable aspect of any jacket. An internal viscose lining supports the material and keeps the structure in a good shape. It’s also greatly needed for the jackets life as it provides maximum warmth and texture.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for the perfect jacket, we wish you good luck on your journey to finding the perfect match!

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