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How to Choose the Best Tattoo Ink and Make One at Home?

Apart from going through training and procuring a license, to become a tattoo artist, you must also own a few essential items, ink being the foremost. Starting from single bottles to astounding sets, the top-notch brands leave no stone unturned when manufacturing products for the human skin. Well, safety is important, but other features to look out for before making the purchase include:


The experts offering high-quality tattoo ink supplies in Australia and in other noted locations said organic ingredients are the best because they do not irritate the body parts in any way. You must walk away from brands that do not tell you what they put in the inks. Remember, you will be penetrating the ink into a person’s arm, leg, back, chest, or even face, so it is better to be aware of what is in it.

Colour Variety

The new tattoo artists wish to create a diverse colour palette for their customers while making sure the shades used do not negatively react with each other. It will be wise to opt for a brand that either offers varied colours, starting from a bold neon pink to a sombre grey, or a set of colours that is enough to cover the primary bases.

tattoo ink

Origin Country

Always check from where the ink originates, or in other words, in which country it was first mass-produced. By doing so, you can ensure that the brand has adhered to all the safety protocols and hygiene standards. Never rely on random providers even if they try to sell a product at an excessively low price because they might have used inferior raw materials.

Vegan Friendly

Usually, black ink’s color is boosted with the addition of bone char. Which is arguably the biggest culprit in making an ink non-vegan. Other ingredients include animal-derived glycerin, which acts as a stabilizer, and gelatin (made from the connective tissue of pigs and cows). A vegan ink uses carbon or logwood to create a black color, and vegetable-based glycerin, as well as witch hazel or ethanol.

Try to choose inks that are vegan friendly because you would surely not want to harm the environment. Avoid brands that make products using parts of animals such as bone char.

Brand Reliability

Even though all the inks look the same initially, only a handful of them manages to retain the lustre for a prolonged period. For ink that promises to remain intact after a couple of years, go for the renowned brands only.

Although the experts offering tattoo ink supplies in Australia charge reasonably, if you are excessively tight on budget, follow the below-mentioned tips and make a product at home.

  • From Wood Ashes

Burn the wood and remember the ashes must look completely black with no natural colour noticeable. Grind the ashes to make them as fine as possible and add a clear spirit like vodka or gin. You may also use distilled water, but alcohol kills the bacteria fast.

  • From Dry Pigment

Buy dry pigment powder from a reputed company. Do not use the one for car paints. Mix propylene glycol, witch hazel, and glycerine together. Now add the pigment powder and blend it once again.

Before the application, wash your hands thoroughly with any over-the-counter cleanser. Also, sterilise the needles by holding them over a lighted match for 10 to 15 seconds.

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