How to Choose the Right Moving Boxes for Your Home

A cardboard box is a cardboard box, how can it create any impact on my moving?

Well, your choice of house moving boxes or removal boxes will decide if you can make it or break it on your moving day! There are plenty of places from where you can pick up your cardboard boxes, cubes or rectangles, layered one or the stiff ones, but all aren’t a great option when moving homes.

Let’s check out why so.

Pre-loved boxes, may not offer the right amount of strength or size which makes a great packaging material. Also, with time, the quality of cardboards deteriorates as fleas and bedbugs eat on the cardboard. Boxes exposed to water or damp weather also, make the cardboard boxes weak, and weakens the bonding and seam, which is the strongest point of the cardboard box.

On the other hand, if you buy brand-new packaging materials, these will ensure that the boxes are sturdy, in good condition and are of standard sizes. If you do not believe in using house moving boxes, let me tell you that you will have a tough time in fitting your things in those boxes.

Now the question how to know the perfect moving boxes? How to use them? Well, here we are today to help you out!

Boxes: Thick or thin?

The thickness of the cardboard box will determine how strong the box is, and how much protection will it provide to the contents inside. You should ideally get a 3-ply box for fragile items and a 2-ply boxes for clothes, or other unbreakable stuff.

Keep in mind, stiffer the cardboard, better it will be stacked in the removal or moving vehicle. What that means? That will mean that there will be less chances of the things (and boxes) getting damages while handled in transit, or when loaded in the vehicle.

House moving boxes

It’s always suggested to invest in the best moving boxes that one can afford.

Does the size matter? Oh Yes!

If you search on the Internet randomly, you will see that there are a wide variety of sizes of removal boxes but there are some standard sizes that the British Association of Removers would recommend:

For heavy items like books and other stationeries:

Small Size: 457mm x 330mm x 330mm

For majority of household Products:

Medium Size: 457mm x 457mm x 499mm

For pillows, duvets, bedsheets, cushions:

Large Size: 445mm x 445mm x 744mm

There are a lot more item-specific boxes available to make your moving easier. For example: wardrobe boxes, which come with hanging rails, TV boxes with extra-protection for the screen and so on.

How heavy should your removal box be?

Each box should have a maximum safe weight that they are designed to carry, as a generic rule, 20kg should be the maximum weight that any particular moving box should weigh. That is safe both for your box and removal team.

Make sure, you get hold of good adhesive tapes too. There is no point is having strong boxes, but so not strong adhesive tapes. There is no fun having all your items getting spilled while on the transit.

Now that we have provided the tips, let’s read through some trivia!

Moving homes and some trivia on the cardboard boxes

  • Almost 70 per cent of the world’s cardboard boxes are recycled.
  • The cardboard boxes we use are 100 per cent biodegradable.
  • In a toy museum in the US, National Toy Museum, a cardboard box is kept on display.
  • The most common cardboard that we see around us is called a regular slotted container or RSC. This can be identified with two flaps meeting each other, and the other two not meeting, when you close it.
  • From 1983 to 1998, the Waterloo Station was the site of “Cardboard City, that housed 200 people approximately.
  • The corrugated centre of a carboard is known as the “medium”.
  • France has a museum full of cardboard boxes, of various sizes, shapes and colours.
  • House moving boxes can withstand around 32 pounds of pressure of the edges before they are crushed.

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