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How To Copy Emails from Windows Live Mail to Hard Drive?

Are you looking for a solution to Copy Emails from Windows Live Mail emails to a hard drive? If yes, then here on this blog, we are ready to solve your problems. Every minute someone put a query on the forum site about their issues related to saving their email files on the hard drive? Most users prefer to back up their old mail to free up mailbox space. Whenever these e-mails are needed, users can access them from this hard drive.

Today we are going to discuss a reliable and effective solution to Copy Emails from Windows Live Mail to Hard Drive. Before doing this, we should know this email client.

What is Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail, officially known as Windows Live Mail Desktop, was a freeware email client developed by Microsoft. It is originally designed to run on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 but is also compatible with Windows 8 and 10. This email client stores its email data in a single EML file.

Now one question arises why there is a need to save emails from Windows Live Mail. To get the answer to this question stay with us and read the next section.

Reasons to Copy Emails from Windows Live Mail in Hard Drive

There are various reasons for doing this process. Some of them mention below;

  1. The user Would like to switch to a different email client. In this case, all e-mails of the account must be saved so that you can easily access them if necessary.

2. The e-mail client drive is full and would like to free up the storage space, then the only option left is to save the entire mailbox data to the hard drive.

Methods to Save Emails from Windows Live Mails to Hard Drive

There are several methods in the market, but you are looking for a solution that will solve all email backup problems with absolute accuracy. After searching and testing each method, we came up with the 2 most reliable solutions that could copy all Windows Live Mail email to a hard drive. Let’s check out what they are and discuss both of them in detail.

Solution 1. Manual Method (freeware )

Solution 2. Automated Approach (Paid)

Method 1: Manually save Emails from Windows Live Mail to Hard Drive

Follow the given steps and save your emails into a hard drive using this email client itself. Let’s see how this work;

Step 1. Open Window Live Mail email client on your machine.

Step 2. Create an empty folder where you want to save emails.

Step 3. After that, click on File >>Export Emails >> Email Messages.

Step 4. Now browse the location to save the file ( empty folder created at the hard drive in the above steps). Step 5. Then select the desired folder to export and press the Next button. Now, wait till the process is completed and hit the Finish button.

This process saves all emails from Windows Live Mail to hard drive in EML file format.

Users can also try another method that directly saves emails on a hard drive. Let’s get to know about this solution in the next section.

Method 2: Save Email from Windows Live Mail to Hard Drive Using Expert Tool

Advik Windows Live Mail Converter is such a tool that can easily backup all emails from this email client in a hassle-free manner. This tool is capable to copy all emails into multiple file formats and then it can be easily saved on a hard drive.

As Windows Live Mail is a discontinued email client, but there are some users who still use this email client. Some of them want to switch to a different email client with their previous emails, but there are few tools out there that provide the solution for converting Windows Live Mail emails. This tool is one of them.

This Utility is designed with a simple user interface so that novice users can operate this tool without facing any glitches. And also it can convert Windows Live Mails to PST and another file format without any data loss. Let’s check the working of this tool in a descriptive manner.

Step to copy Windows Live Mail in Hard Drive using Automated Tool

Step 1. Install and run this software on the system.

Step 2. Configure Window Live Mail account using login details.

Step 3. Select the file format in which you want to save the email file.

Step 4. Set the saving location as a hard drive and click on the Convert button.

Here completes the process, you can check on your hard drive and you will find the Windows Live Mail email files in your chosen file format.


Here in this article, we discuss two best methods for saving Windows Live Mail emails on a hard drive. Both methods are reliable and effective. Users can choose any of them as per their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many users asked questions regarding above mention process. We mention some of those queries in this section.

Question 1. Is it possible to save my all Windows Live Mail mailbox in my internal drive?

Answer. Yes, it is possible to copy all emails into a local hard drive using any of above mention methods.

Question 2. Is it possible to migrate all Windows Live Mail emails into another email client account?

Answer. With the manual method, you get converted file now you can transfer this file into the email client, but make sure that the email client support that file format. Otherwise, you have to convert that file.

But with an automated tool, you can directly export your email file into any email client you just have to enter the email client port number and address.

Question 3. Is this possible to transfer some selective emails from a particular sender?

Answer. No, with the manual method there is no such freedom, you have to save entire mailbox data. But with the automation tool, it is possible by implying applying email filters.

Question 3. Which is the best method to save Windows Live Mail email data on the hard drive?

Answer. Both mentioned methods are best to do this process. It’s up to the user to opt for both methods whether manual or automated.

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