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How To Develop An App Like Instagram And Soar High?

Social media apps are the most popular and influential tools these days. Are you looking for a way to develop an app like Instagram and create a buzz in the market? Well, you are at the right place. Keep reading to have a piece of knowledge about building your dream app.

Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing app that connects users across the globe. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for one billion dollars. Upon which the app underwent many new changes. This led to a huge spike in the number of users. Now there are almost a billion active users on Instagram. As per research, it is found that about 995 photos are uploaded on Instagram each second.

Steps to build an app like Instagram

Market research

Before getting into any business, it is vital to know your audience. Therefore, conduct proper research by hosting surveys with large audiences.  This way, you can have a better understanding of the needs of your target audience. By gaining a clear picture, you can easily determine what features to add to your app that fits the expectations of the users. 

Define objective 

Once you know all about your target audience, now it is time to decide what you want to give your audience through your app. Therefore define your objective and focus on one. This way, you can boost the development of your app. 

Know your competitors:

To win the race, know the strategies followed by your competitors. Do thorough research and know every detail such as issues faced by them, features they offer in their apps, etc. This way you can escape a few hindrances and excel swiftly.

Instagram Clone App Development:

Upon successful completion of each step listed above, you can go ahead with the development process. There are two efficient ways to build an interesting social-media app like Instagram, which are as follows,

  • One way is to develop an app like Instagram from scratch. This method involves developing an app without any head start. You are responsible for accomplishing each step from research to coding. Thus it requires a highly skilled development team and takes more than a month to deploy your app. The cost of developing an app like Instagram can range anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 dollars, based on the complexity of the app.
  • The other way is by deploying a ready-to-launch app. Instagram clone script is a pre-built app packed with all the key features that perform exactly like that of the parent app. As it is 100% customizable, you can customize your app according to your business needs. Deploying a scalable solution will allow you to expand your application in the future when your business grows as well as to cope with the market trends,

Developing an app like Instagram will enable you to deploy your app in the market in just a few days. There are many Instagram clone scripts available in the market. It is crucial to find a reliable app development company that can help you build an extraordinary Instagram clone script and leverage huge revenue in no time. 

If you are interested in building an Instagram clone app, ensure that your app has all the key features and functionalities. 

Workflow of Instagram Like App

  1. Users undergo a quick signup process by entering the required details or via various options such as email address, social media credentials, phone number. 
  2. Every user has an individual profile to which they can add details like name, profile picture, description, etc. 
  3. The personalized news feeds will display the posts and stories of other users based on their activity in the app.
  4. Users can upload unlimited photos and short videos to their profiles. In addition, along with the post, they can add a description, tag other users, add location, etc.
  5. The photos or videos shared as an Instagram story will automatically disappear within 24 hours from the time of uploading. 
  6. Live streaming will allow users to connect with their followers. The comment session will display the messages of the followers in the live streaming session.
  7. Users can send messages to fellow users and also share their favorite posts and stories of other users.
  8. Apart from texting, users can get a chance to make voice or video calls through the app.

How to monetize your App?

For any business choosing the right revenue model is crucial. Initially, when Instagram started, it did not have any revenue model. Once Facebook took over Instagram, advertisements and sponsored posts were displayed to generate money. Therefore, let’s discuss some common yet effective revenue models in the following passages through which you can monetize your Instagram Clone script.


Utilize the banner space of your app to display the ads of third parties. This is an effortless way to generate revenue for your app. There are different types of advertisements that can be displayed in your app, such as Carousel Ads, Story Ads, Video Ads, Feed Ads. Each time a user clicks on the ad, money goes to the app owner. 

E-commerce platform:

Apart from being an interesting photo-sharing app, you can also use your app as an E-commerce platform by connecting with top brands. This way, users can purchase easily through your app. Social media with E-commerce makes the app even more powerful. With a vast user base, the top brands can catch the eye of many customers easily. This can increase more user traffic in your app.,

Premium features:

The business account of Instagram allows many small businesses to advertise their products through the app. The business accounts provide additional features that allow the budding entrepreneurs to market their products. . Therefore by subscribing to premium features, the users can enjoy various advanced features and benefits.

To wrap it all up,

Looking at the popularity of photo-sharing apps, it is evident that building an app like Instagram with advanced features can gain popularity in no time. As an added advantage, there are no mere competitors in the market right now. Therefore it is high time to deploy a white-label solution with all the key features upon rebranding with a catchy name. Without any further delay, get your hands on the Instagram clone app development and soar high in your business.

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