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Google is currently the most dominating search engine, with its by-products in almost every aspect of facilities such as Google Chrome (Browser), Gmail (emailing platform), Android (Smartphone operating system), YouTube (Video and music experience), Google Drive (Cloud storage), Google Maps (Navigation), and many more. It is no doubt that Google has taken the market by storm. However, we will focus on one of the most utilized products of Google – Gmail. Gmail is efficient, easy-to-use, comprehensive, user-friendly, and packed with features that make the entire email experience much more manageable. Gmail has almost two billion users worldwide and growing every day. But, the problem occurs when the users experience Gmail not working issues. We have curated this blog to fix that problem for you on your iPhone.


One of the main reasons why such issues occur is Google’s security. With such high security and extreme scrutiny to protect accounts from hackers, Google ends up blocking existing accounts. There are four ways to fix this problem. To fix Gmail not working on iPhone error, follow the steps mentioned below.


Open Google’s My Account website and go to the Device Activity & Notifications

a segment to verify all recent devices.

A list of all recent devices shall appear on your screen; unblock your devices by claiming that they are yours. Once you let Google know of your own devices, the problem should resolve, and Gmail should start working on your iPhone.


Another reason for Gmail not working is disabled IMAP on your account. Open Gmail on your desktop browser and go to its settings. Click on see more settings to open an expanded page of all settings. Click on the Forwarding and IMAP/POP section and look for the IMAP option. Toggle the slider next to it to enable if it is disabled. Now check if Gmail is working on your iPhone.


The following solution to Gmail not working on iPhone problem is to check for Alerts on your account. Open the browser on your computer or laptop and type in the URL to launch the Gmail page. Login to your account using the correct credentials and check for an alert box or email in the inbox suggesting anything suspicious. For example, “Someone has your password” or “We blocked a sign-in attempt.” Please open the email to click on the link under Review your devices now and verify your device by clicking on That Was Me (or similar language).


Not many people are aware of Google’s feature called the CAPTCHA reset, which can temporarily unlock some of the security features by Google. You can fix Gmail not working on iPhone problem through CAPTCHA reset. To do this, visit Google’s CAPTCHA reset page with your email address and password. Now try logging in from your iPhone to fix Gmail not working. You should be able to sign in from your iPhone this time.


If you have tried all solutions mentioned in this blog and are still unable to fix this problem, you can remove your account from the Gmail application and re-add it to re-establish the connection between the two. In most cases, all data stores on cloud storage do not worry about deleting anything as all data will be saved on the cloud, and you will not lose it. To delete the account:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s settings and tap on Password and Accounts. You will see a list of all your accounts; select the desired account to delete and click on Delete Account.
  2. Restart your iPhone next and go back to the settings to add an account by tapping on Password and Accounts again and choosing to add an account.
  3. Select Gmail from the list of email service providers and enter your correct credentials.
  4. Open the Gmail app on your iphone next and see if Gmail not working on iPhone problem is resolved.

Using these steps, you can quickly fix the problem at hand. You can easily fix Gmail issues on your iPhone now and ensure that it is working fine. It is highly suggested that you keep the security of your account intact. You can do this by enabling the Gmail two-factor authentication. The two-factor authentication acts like an extra layer of protection to your account as it sends you an additional security code each time you log in to your account, which you will require to enter in its designated column. You can add a phone number or an additional email address; each can do the necessary job. It reduces the chances of your account getting hacked and protects it from intruders. Feel free to check out our other blogs for more information and assistance. We curate blogs to help resolve such problems and provide appropriate solutions for the same.

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