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How to Grow Your E-commerce Brand with Custom Product Packaging Inserts?

Brands need to give wholesome packaging to their products for them to shine among rival companies and make the buying process more memorable. The product packaging is incomplete without good inserts. Custom product packaging inserts add character to the packaging and enhances the unboxing experience for customers.

We live in the digital age where people are highly connected to each other through numerous social apps. They like to share details about their purchases and potential buyers prefer to view these before buying from a brand. For this reason, packaging has cultivated even higher importance. You need to give an exceptional unpacking feel for clients to remember your brand and receive a better value proposition. Instead of just placing your products in boxes, the inserts help to make the experience interesting. Customers need to get better value for money for them to repeat purchases and giving them ample opportunity to unbox is a way forward in that.

The inserts are a vital part of brand presentation especially if your products are fragile. The primary purpose of inserts is to keep the products safe during transportation. It does so by holding the contents of the package safe within the outer packaging. Specially cut-out shapes reflect the aesthetic principles of the brand while acting as a base for your products. These inserts are the next best alternative to packaging product accessories individually in separate boxes. You can aptly store all the product items in one box by using these inserts. This would give-out multiple benefits including:

  • Provide cost savings. The inserts are a cost-friendly way to pack delicate items. They do not add significantly to the packaging but give enhanced effects on elevating brand recognition. The inserts are made with fewer materials and cost less to obtain. They are a far cheaper branding option as compared to expensive packaging and advertisements.
  • Can be obtained in numerous forms. The inserts can be made with paper, cardboard, foam, and corrugated stock. This gives you varied options to choose the best material suited to your products. Moreover, the inserts can be modified in any shape and size to suit your specific needs and your product dimensions.
  • Can be customized. The inserts can reflect your branding with specially cut-out shapes and colors. You can shape and size them according to your convenience and match the brand’s logo with the inserts by changing its color or composition. The products will look better in the inserts that are specifically designed for them. It would also make the customers feel more valued.
  • Convenient for assembling products. Certain products like mobiles, other electronics, makeup items, and more come with parts that have to be joined or used together for the product to work properly. The inserts eradicate confusion by presenting all the product components together in a compact form. This makes it easy for customers to understand and follow the instructions manual and get the maximum benefit from the items they purchased.

Custom product packaging inserts

How to make them work better?

The custom product packaging inserts can be complemented with various packaging box types. You can get boxes that go well with these inserts and improve the overall product look. One-piece mailers, display boxes, custom printed folding cartons, and numerous other options are available to choose from. Customers are more likely to give positive feedback and recommend your brand and products to others if they feel that their money’s worth is justified by the products. The most important aspect of making your items stand out is through their packaging. Having unified outer packaging and inner inserts would surprise the buyers with a premium quality experience and attach professionalism to your brand identity.

The inserts can be classified into four categories based on the materials incorporated to produce them.

Paper: We often associate paper with lightweight material but these offer robust support for holding products. Considering the varying thicknesses that paper comes in, it can be one of the best ways to place your products in. The best thing about paper is that it is flexible yet sturdy enough to contain multiple products without exposing them to potential damage. It can be aptly folded, maintains structure, and is easily recyclable.

Foam: This is the best option if your products are delicate and are prone to damage from shocks. More often than not, the foam is cut smaller than the actual products to hold them firmly and lock them inside. Foam inserts also fill spaces within the packaging and can even help to maintain temperatures depending on the usage. These weigh even lesser than paper inserts and can be cut to exact precision. You can conveniently add colors to make the foam inserts look premium and give-off a classy look.

Cardboard: This is stiffer than paper and foam. Cardboard inserts can be used for portioning and forming ‘rooms’ for products. These especially come in handy when the products are shipped to faraway destinations and need extra support to keep the products from getting scratched and worn out before reaching the buyers. The cardboard can be molded and turned in any direction to best fit the need. These can be recycled easily, making them a popular choice among sellers and buyers alike.

Choosing the right inserts can pave the way for more brand loyalty from clients. Buyers tend to repeat orders from brands that they feel the most satisfied with. Projecting a responsible brand image that considers customers’ tastes and requirements is a sure way to success. It is needless to say that the market is filled with thousands of competitors eyeing customer loyalty and familiarity. All sellers race towards getting more popular through giving better packaging and look to their products. You can win over your potential customers with customized inserts that keep the product safe while enhancing the value for money.


These custom product packaging inserts are a new-age branding tool that is taking the markets by storm! They fall light on the pockets but have a heavy effect on your sales.

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