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How to Keep Your Interior Home Healthy

We know how the rising pollution levels in the air are a worry for us causing severe adverse effects to our health affecting us in all the bad ways possible. Did you know? That pollution not only affects our lungs and the respiratory system but even affects us mentally. Our brains get damaged because of the toxins and reduced amount of oxygen that it is supposed to receive, and hence we have headaches, brain fog, a lot of confusions etc. 

Battling the toxic air is never easy. Home air pollution is a legit thing, which is a combination of the particulate matter of dust, mould, pet dander, smoke etc with the gases such as the VOC’s, chemical fumes etc. Since you only cannot change what’s outside but you can manage the inside.

The cleaning

One of the first and foremost things that you need to do is clean your house. Well obviously?! The airborne dust particles should be eliminated permanently that enter our homes from the cracks of the windows, doors and even floor.

They are a mix of minerals, metallic, organic and vegetable dust, chemicals and other biohazards like moulds and spores. They settle deep into our carpets and furniture or even the tiniest crevices of our homes, causing a lot of health-related problems such as difficulty in breathing issues and allergies. So the deep cleaning of your house is as necessary as anything else that you can imagine. 

You can call in professional cleaners to clean your house spot on and properly. The carpets and rugs often look clean, but they are home to a lot of particles of dust. You must get your carpets and rugs hence cleaned properly. You can get a professional Rug Cleaning in Adelaide. Your professional cleaners know exactly what their job is, and they will clean your house and make it as dust-free as possible. You may be keeping your home thoroughly clean, the minute elements may still linger on, so just a daily cleaning or vacuuming schedule may not be enough. 


When it is sustainability we are talking about, one of the major things we need to reduce is the usage of VOCs having equipment and things, be it the paint or home decor. If you are looking to buy products such as carpets and curtains or buying new furniture, paint etc look for products that are low in VOCs or don’t have it at all. These chemical components emit toxic gases and toxins to our near environment affecting our health adversely if taken for a long term. The PVC components vanish into air and mix up with the inhalable oxygen which leads to headaches, respiratory issues, fatigue, poor concentration and allergic reactions. Make sure you use and buy low or No VOCs containing products. 

Keeping it Smoke-Free

It’s a universally known fact that Smoke is harmful to us, so make it a point that you use the exhausts in your kitchen so that all the smoke can be flushed out. The moisture is a cause of worry as it can initiate the growth of moulds and mites. You can choose to have dehumidifiers, which reduce the moisture indoor and maintain the atmosphere. 

Air Purifiers

The best solution to get rid of the pollutants and the dust inside your house is to have an air purifier in your home which will get rid of all the unwanted particles and provide you with the fresh air that you so need. Air purifiers are a smart choice to have when you want the air of your home clean and healthy.

Air purifying plants

Adding a little aesthetic and a lot of health value to your home, the plants that can purify the air are a must that you must have. Snake plants, palms are just a few of the examples. They not only add the natural appear to your home but also improve the indoor air quality of your home. Some of the other plants that you can have are aloe vera, which even has other good effects, peace lily, chrysanthemum and English ivy could be some of your choices to make your space a healthier one to breathe in. 


The key to your healthy life is all in your hands, and where you can take the positive measure makes a difference between a healthy and an unhealthy lifestyle. Choose wisely. 

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