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How to Maintain the Freshness of Your Eyelash Extension Service?

For how many years have you been lashing? Can’t remember? Then this blog is for you. When one works in a specific industry for several years, it gets monotonous. As a lash artist, we are sure you are suffering from this as well. If you as an artist can feel this way, how boring would it be for your client to visit every three weeks for the same routine? You may ask, how can I change things when the client is demanding classic lashes? There isn’t much to change here, but you could work towards maintaining the freshness of your lash service. Keep reading to learn about some tips and tricks on how you can do that to maintain customer retention.

Continue the learning curve – 

We all consider lash professionals as artists. All artists have the scope for continual development. With evolving trends and technologies, there is always room for up-skill. Being experienced is an advantage in this industry as people want to visit an experienced lash professional. But, sometimes clients do consider going to newly opened places to get a fresh experience. Most believe newer professionals, although have less experience, are skilled with newer trends. This makes complete sense, right? Checkout best lash supplier in Australia here!

How can you as an already experienced artist learn newer trends and skills? To begin with, in your free time it is worth shadowing a colleague during their eyelash extension appointments. They might have a different craft of lashing style than yours. This can be a fresh change for you and your regular clients. It is almost a crime not wanting to further enhance your existing skills. If you are keen on getting the best at lash extensions keep learning, someday you may learn a new skill that may be unique to yourself.  Check out giali lashes product here!

 The next step that could be taken to continue growing is to attend workshops or enroll in lash training refreshment programs. It is a great way to learn new trends that you are not aware of. It will certainly add to your existing knowledge. In case you need time to make up your mind for the training, how about start watching tutorials meanwhile? Sounds great, right?

New techniques in eyelash extension would need newer supplies – 

It takes a lot of trial and error for lash professionals to finally find the glue, tweezers, lash extensions and other supplies that suit their method of lashing. Now that you are preparing to set yourself apart from your competitors by learning fresh eyelash extension trends, you will need new supplies to complement the method. Chances are your old supplies may not give desirable results and are obstructing your creativity. A new pair of tweezers will force you to try a different eyelash extension. We recommend a lash artist have a variety of tweezers to give them room for experimenting. The more you try out new tools and supplies, the closer you will get to giving your clients different curls and lengths.

Step up your eyelash extension game – 

There is no age limit to learn. The more you learn, the more you will grow. Creative fields like the lash industry are always evolving. New trends come in often and it gets overwhelming to catch up sometimes. We are not telling you to hop onto every trend you see on social media. But it is worth taking little things from what you see. You may end up learning a new trick or isolation technique altogether. Isn’t that exciting? Watching new trends, lash extension tutorials or reading-related blogs can help you learn ways to play around with curls and lengths to make simple classic eyelash extension look natural yet voluminous and fanned out. When you watch and learn these skills online, it will keep you excited for your next lash extension appointment to try it out.  Your excitement will keep the client engaged during the lashing session. It is a good idea to talk them through the process and explain the new steps or tricks you are using during the appointment. The client will be able to appreciate your efforts to fulfill their lash needs. Once they leave your chair happy and satisfied, they are certainly coming back for a refill.  

Higher customer satisfaction will bring you more business – 

You may think, why is it necessary to attend workshops, refreshment training programs, and watch tutorials when you are already a well-known and established lash salon? Once you have upskilled yourself and your supplies to fulfill client needs, you can charge for premium services. If you talk your client through the process and highlight the changes, they would happily pay for the quality. By the end of the day, the beauty industry is only concerned with quality service and experience. As you and your skills grow, your business will grow as well. When the client will know what you are charging, you will build a loyal relationship with your client. They will keep coming back to you in the future. Therefore, by enhancing your skills, you are also working towards growing your credentials and revenue. 

 For your next lash appointment visit Wisp Lashes. You can locate it by googling ‘eyelash extensions near me’. They are all set to offer freshness to your traditional lash appointment. They know the secrets to improve eyelash extension application.

Conclusion –

If you think you are procrastinating to up your lash game, invest time and efforts in your business now. You will be surprised to see how much boost it will give to your self-confidence as an artist and your business revenue. It is a tried and tested way to maintain and enhance customer retention. You will be a pro at giving any set of lash extensions, let alone classic lashes. Start learning now and make Wisp Lashes the best in the business.


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