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How to Make a Time-Lapse Video With Your Digital Video Camera

Benefiting from your advanced camcorder can mean having the option to make some truly cool stuff. You simply need to venture outside the manual a touch and locate the cool things you can do with your advanced camcorder and your altering programming.

We have all seen them in a film or a TV show, those exceptionally cool shots where they accelerate time and catch a long portion of time and consolidate it into an extremely short measure of video. A model is a considerable lot of the TV news stations these days have a camera that catches the day’s climate and afterward they measure it down to a 20 second time lapse video maker to show the mists and climate dashing by on screen.

Well this method isn’t only an instrument in the possession of the film producers or the large TV stations. You can do this with your computerized camcorder gear as well. I will go into two different ways that you can achieve this impact and get some cool outcomes for your next video project. This one merits messing with to locate the correct settings to get the most emotional impact.

Procedure number one is to utilize the actual camera to do the time pass recording for you. Practically all advanced camcorders can do a span recording. What this implies basically is that you tell the camera how long you need to record for and how long in the middle of accounts and it will go on autopilot for you however long the battery keeps going or the tape runs out. This is the thing that those cameras at the odds and ends shop do, they record a couple of moments of movement each 30-60 seconds giving the general perspective on the traffic in the store over the long haul.

Presently in the event that you need to catch some time slip by in your computerized camcorder you should get into your cameras menu and discover Interval Recording (or for my situation Int Rec, as I utilize a Sony PD 150 for my camera) When you select this choice you will choose how long of a span between shots you need and how long to record each time. On the off chance that you are attempting to catch something that sets aside a long effort to happen and in which very little happens rapidly you will need to set the stretch at around a moment and the record time as short as conceivable on your camera. A model would be in the event that you needed to record an average day for a bloom or the mists moving by in the sky. Assume anyway that you need to catch an occasion that has heaps of activity and happens over a lot more limited time span. At that point you would need to abbreviate the span among chronicles and increment the hour of each recording. So for this situation you may record each 15-30 seconds and record up to 2-3 seconds of video each time.

I utilized this strategy to catch an evening of work being finished by a group of woodworkers on my home renovating project. The outcome was a whirlwind of action as laborers hustled here and far off nailing sheets, conveying gear and building dividers. I have added it to my photograph assortment of the task. (Hello I needed to live through the task so I should have an incredible record of it for any kind of family down the line!)

Presently guess you have one of the extraordinary programming video altering bundles on your PC to work with your computerized camcorder. Presently you can do it in post as is commonly said in the business. You can record any length of video you need (subject to the restrictions of your tape length) and afterward import it into your altering program.


I use Adobe Premiere Pro for my altering occupations, however I have additionally utilized Avid DV Express, Final Cut Pro, and others in the non straight altering world. These are generally incredible projects and are ground-breaking items that can make some expert looking recordings. You don’t must have these items to make your own recordings however on the off chance that you are not kidding about advanced video altering it very well may be a smart thought to investigate these choices.

I digitize my crude video of the scene I am doing time pass on into my PC (huge hard drive, video gobbles up GB’s of room) and afterward import the clasp into my timetable. From the timetable you would then be able to choose the clasp with a correct snap. From that point you will be given a menu with alternatives relying upon the product you use. Select the alternative that says “span”, “speed” or something comparative. Change the speed of the clasp so that time will accelerate impressively. On the off chance that you have an hour of video in the clasp and need to abbreviate it to 2 – 5 minutes then you need to speed up the clasp to 3 or 4 thousand percent of ordinary. This will require your product to deliver the clasp at the higher speed and may take some time top cycle contingent upon the speed of your PC.

Whenever you have delivered the video cut at the new speed you will need to play it to check whether the film streams equally or in the event that you will need to straighten out the speed setting to improve it. Some of the time you might need to abbreviate your crude video and change the speed down fairly to get a smooth progression of activity. Whenever you have delivered the clasp at the new speed you would now be able to cut and join it as you see fit with the speeded up activity unblemished. There are a few things you will record that may just need a slight speed change, take for example some computerized video of your children playing sports. Twofold or triple the speed of the clasp and show it to them and you may make them move on the floor.

You can likewise utilize these strategies to catch the development of a blossom or plant throughout the span of days or weeks. Essentially set you camera in the very same spot simultaneously every day and record a span that works every day fro anyway long you need to archive. May be you get the seedling simply breaking soil and follow it entirely through transforming into a totally mature plant.

Another fascinating thought is to catch the way of the moon across the night sky. Set up your camera on a mount in a detect that can see the way of the moon for a few hours. Set the camera to stretch record and put the moon on one side of the edge so it will pass across the edge as the night passes. This one may require some testing to get the openness and outlining directly just as the correct stretch to record at. Undoubtedly you would need to set the span as long as possible and the record time as short as possible however do a trial first to perceive what works.

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