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How to make reading comfortable in bed?

Reading is one of the most useful habits you can acquire. The more you read, the more you know, right? However, if you are like me then reading is not that pleasant for your eyes. So I’ve gathered some useful tips on how to make it comfortable and tolerable – for everyone out there. I’ll give you a brief guide of everything I’ve found helpful for myself.

And finally, it is better to read large letters if you’re not an expert in eye acrobatics. You may use this for future reference. Have a nice read!

Tips & Accessories that make reading comfortable

Here are some of the best tips and reading accessories which make reading easy and comfortable.

Comfortable position

Find a comfortable sitting position in which you can sit for hours. Try to sit with your back straight and legs down. Make sure that your body is straight and not slouching because it will stress your back even more and the possibility of you getting a strain or a sprain increases.

Using a backrest pillow with arms while reading in bed will help you to keep your book at an incline and lay flat on your bed without hurting your back or neck.

You also may fix a comfortable surface to place the book on. If you read for a long time it would be better if the surface is slightly inclined – and I think if it is higher than your head, then you’re fine.


First of all, the lighting is very important. Try to read in a bright place without direct light hitting your eyes directly – so go on with reading near the window or under lampshade.

There are two types of lighting that you must use while reading. One is the natural light coming from the window and the other one is a lamp which is really close to your book, so you can easily turn the pages. This helps you in avoiding any pain in your eyes when reading for long hours.

However, it’s not a good idea to read in darkness without a steady light source. The light should be gentle and consistent.

Plus the lamp should be close to your face so that you can easily turn pages – you don’t want to have a sore arm, right?!

Use Book stand

Use a book holder or book stand. Book stand will help you not to bend your neck up if you read lying down. Using a book stand helps because it allows you to lay flat on your bed and read your book with ease. This is especially useful if you like to read in bed before sleeping.

There are many designs of book holders which will help you to keep your book open without damaging its spine or placing it on the table.

Reading glasses

Another great accessory that helps you to reduce strain on your eyes is reading glasses or pince-nez which are usually used for older people, but gives them the clear vision of seeing things up close.

As far as I know, reading glasses are not that bad idea, in contrast to the popular belief. They definitely make reading more comfortable – especially when you are in your thirties, like me.

Place the book at an incline

If you do not want to go for any accessory, then place a pillow behind your back and read at an angle so that strain is relieved from your neck.

Keeping the book on an incline will allow enough oxygen to flow through which will ensure that your pages do not turn yellow over time. Additionally, this will also help you not to get strained eyes.

Do not keep the heater on while reading

The heater should be switched off when you begin to read a book and should only be turned on after some time because it creates a lot of heat around your body, especially near the head. This may lead to memory problems or other eye related issues in future.

Never lay down with the open book on your lap

It is not advisable to have an open book on your laps because continuous reading for long hours will result in dampness of the book which can damage it or turn its pages yellow.

Take a break when you are too tired

Taking breaks every two hours while reading will help you not to get strained eyes.

Keep the book on a flat surface

If you are lying down, then it is better to keep the book on top of some flat surface instead of directly placing it on your lap or bed. This will prevent any damage caused by heat or dampness.

Read big letters if not short-sighted

If you are short-sighted, then it is better to read big letters instead of reading in a normal way. This will help you not strain your eyes and focus on the whole page rather than focusing on smaller words.

Do not look at a mobile phone or computer screen

It is highly recommended that you keep your mobile phone away from your eyes when you are reading. If you are on the computer screen for a long period of time, then also give your eyes a break around every two hours.

Keep reading glasses on the bedside table

If you do not want to go for any of the accessories listed above, then keep some high power reading glasses on your bedside table so that when you are tired of reading or come home late, you can choose this accessory and read till you fall asleep.

Keep a book stand

Using a book stand will allow you to place the book at an incline and lay flat on your bed without putting a strain on your neck or back. This is very convenient for people who love reading in their beds before going to sleep.

Use book page holder

There are many designs of book page holders which will help you to keep your book pages open without damaging it. These are available in various shapes and sizes at any bookstore.


The best way to reduce the strain on your eyes while reading is by using an accessory. There are many eye-related disorders which occur due to spending a lot of time reading books, so it is very important that you follow these steps and prevent yourself from any such problem.

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