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How to overcome doubts when writing?

When we start any activity, we can have doubts. They end up circling around in our heads and we make up every possible excuse not to do it.

We subconsciously limit ourselves, thinking that we are not up to the challenge that awaits us. Doubt is a very human feeling. No matter how old we are, there are always doubts within us. But, if we push them back, it’s a big mistake because, then, we can’t do anything and we stagnate in our life.

These doubts in question will eventually invade our minds and poison our lives. To go beyond this step, it is already necessary to determine what our doubts are and find the reasons, to then accept the situation, knowingly.

Take back control over yourself

When you are overcome with negative thoughts, you block your mind and your body cannot move forward. How much does it cost to make a Wikipedia page you then feel in complete confusion, not knowing what to do?

To start, sit down quietly, in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Take a deep breath and listen to your body for once. Drive away negative thoughts during this quiet time with you. Let your mind calm down. It is the latter who invented this scenario of doubts. No one is forcing you to follow the path your brain has laid out!

To start being positive, remember happy times, good times with family or friends, or even on your own. Also remember the times when you doubted to do something. Then, that moment when you triggered the action and went on the offensive to drive out those doubts and make your project a reality.

Your precious positive memories will help you direct your thoughts towards the right attitudes to adopt. Remember to write down, of course, those stories that have forged your character. Write them down in a “victory book” . Write by hand, because it anchors what is in your mind much more powerfully.

The goal of this writing exercise is to inspire you to act conscientiously rather than constantly retreating behind your fears. You can reread this “victory book” as many times as necessary for you to advance!

Another tip: use doubt as a performance tool. Perhaps your doubt comes from your intuition, that little inner voice that wants you well?

I’m sure you’ve had thoughts like this: “I’m afraid I won’t make it!”, “I might lose everything!”, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to live up to it!”…

To overcome these limiting fears, ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers:

  • Is this really what’s going to happen or is it just a bad perception on my part?
  • Do I have relevant information in hand to affirm this truth? ”

Instead of saying “I’m afraid I can’t do it” , change this to “I will do anything to get it” !

Your doubt can also come from the thoughts of others. Are you going to let others guide your life? The others are there to prevent you from moving forward, from justifying everything with fears: they are dream breakers! Write down everything you have heard about your project and find a reason each time to disassemble the thinking of others!

To make your project succeed, you must believe in it completely. You have the capacity to succeed within you: what is blocking you? You will undoubtedly have obstacles to overcome: who has not had any? If you believe in your success, your doubts, fears, and the obstacles in front of you will automatically be removed from your mind.

The mind: the n ° 1 key to success

You lack motivation to write, you lack self-confidence, you can’t find enough time, you fear the blank page syndrome, your ideas are confused…

These are problems that most of the people who begin to write foretell straight away. I also did this to start blogging and writing. To help you overcome this, you must ask yourself what is your biggest blockage. And why?

It is your mind that will allow you to complete Wikipedia writing service project. For this you will find the time, you will stay motivated, you will write day after day and you will stand firm until your end point. To last in the field of writing, the most important thing is to work on this question of the mind!

Trust in what we write

It is very difficult for many authors to trust each other. This leads to discouragement, manuscripts remain unfinished and thus deprive readers of exciting adventures.

To start building self-confidence, on a piece of paper you write down what your strengths are. This will allow you to build on what you are capable of doing. You will be able to progress!

If you spend your time telling yourself it’s too hard, or going over all the negative excuses you can get, you won’t get to the end of your writing project, that’s for sure! It’s up to you to see what you really want!

There is no quick fix, because it is within you! Self-confidence is a beginning that has its source in you, no matter what you feel like doing or experiencing. Building self-confidence always begins in an uncomfortable state of doubt, but also of novelty. It should be accepted without judgment …

Cultivate the pleasure of writing

You have started to write – or you really want to – because there is something deep inside you that wants to be heard. Your doubt can trigger questions, of course. Rather, doubt an ally and a friend. Write for yourself and not necessarily for the public reaction when you submit your book.

Do not act so that your texts and stories will one day become regrets. Is writing your pleasure? So write! Create your ritual, because the surest way to write is to enjoy it. Thus, you will motivate your brain to be creative.

To keep your writing project moving forward, immerse yourself in the story you are writing. Live there intensely! Put yourself in the shoes of your characters. Writing is like life: it’s a journey of discovery. It is a long-distance journey of which you will savor each step with curiosity! So make the most of it!

When you want to write, there is no room for procrastination, we agree on this point! Even if you write for 15 minutes a day, you will come to the end of your novel, if you are overwhelmed by your family or professional constraints. Small steps are the key!

Focus on enjoying the process of writing, imagining the adventures and reactions of your characters. Enjoy the present moment! You will find many benefits in writing; I have already mentioned this point in another article. Finding meaning in what you are doing is already beautiful! Hanging on to finish your project is great! You will live in another dimension, having conquered your doubts, your fears. What pride you will feel then!

We all have talent

We are used to hearing that the talent for such or such activity is like second nature. It can be learned and developed. To get started in your writing project, you will use your skills, building on your strengths. This will allow you to maintain confidence in yourself.

Your talent will be like the backbone of your writing work. We all have a talent within us. You too. If you have chosen to express your inner world through writing, it is not for nothing. You have a treasure deep inside you and it is not for others to look for it. This is not the treasure map! Your talent will not necessarily allow you to succeed right away if you do not open all the doors.

By writing you will forget everything that is going on around you. You will enter a 4th dimension. It will give you immense joy! It’s up to you to choose in which genre and how you will put your talent to the benefit of your writing!

As a conclusion

Writing is a long, lonely road. Life is too short to let it go without doing what we want to. Writing is playing with your imagination, playing with words, playing with yourself too.

As Jacques Brel said , “There is no such thing as talent. Talent is to want to do something ” . To write, we must have the sacred fire within us, be patient, persevering. We learn so much ourselves that writing is about self-discovery!

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