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How To Pack A Suitcase Properly?

Your trip will be much easier and convenient if you pack less.

It means it will be cheaper if you take less along with you and pack your stuff efficiently.

The financial arguments for travelling light got even stronger when the authorities raised a checked bag’s charge fee from one particular amount to a subsequent increase in it.

Limiting your luggage to one carry-on bag can certainly save your money too.

But it can also seem impossible to anybody who is just used to cramming a big suitcase full of ‘just in case’ for every other trip they make, whether domestic or international.

But to be honest, taking a lot was not really a good idea at all.

Keeping track of all that luggage on a trip with so many stops sometimes gets really crazy.

But at the very same time, such trips inspire people to pare down for future trips.

Paring down has made travel much more enjoyable and comfortable.

It is much easier and quicker to get to where you are going.

And once you are there, you can unpack more quickly.

When you pack light, you can concentrate on what your itinerary is going to be.

But if you have less luggage, you also have to be smart enough about what you take and how you pack.

The goal is not only to pack a suitcase that is not bursting at the seams but also to leave some room for souvenirs or other items that may come home with you.

Otherwise, you will have to buy or take an extra bag to bring things home.

Follow these steps to pack your suitcase like a pro.

  • Make a list strategically

The key is to make sure you take what you need to start with a packing list.

The list should not include everything you might need but rather the items that you will need.

This includes clothing, electronics, medications, toiletries, and documents such as your passport.

Bonus: Take your list with you on the trip so that nothing gets left behind when you are packing to return.

Think through your itinerary day by day, check the weather, and be realistic about what you will do while away.

You do not need a week’s worth of workout clothes if you will go to the gym just twice.

  • Pare down your list

Rather than packing a completely new outfit for each day, take items that you easily mix and match into multiple outfits.

It is so because this way, you will get to wear as many pieces as possible more than once.

The Zoylee family recommends you to limit yourself to just three pairs of shoes and follow the three to one ratio for clothing, that is, three tops for every bottom.

The bottoms should be generic colors, like dark shade of navy, denim, neutrals, etc. 

And then you can go wild with the tops, by pairing it up in a fun and funky mode.

The top’s color may be of your choice and you can pair it up with those bottom combinations.

Also look out for some ways to save space as well.

Use travel sized toiletries instead of full sized bottles and take makeup or perfume samples in place of large cosmetic kits.

  • Pack in the right order

Once you have established your list, be tactical about the order in which you place items into the suitcase.

Put heavier items toward the base of the suitcase near the wheels to help prevent it from tipping over.

Next, fill in the suitcase with your clothes.

For soft clothes, which do not wrinkle easily, rolling items will free up more space.

Keep the items that are slidely prone to wrinkles into a dry cleaning bag or a large trash bag and lay them flat across the top.

  • Use all available space

The key to efficient packing is making sure that no valuable space goes unused.

That means flattening scarves and belts along the perimeter and filling a half-empty dope kit with rolled up underwear or socks in a small plastic bag.

Pack shoes toe to heel and do not leave them empty.

The inside of your shoes is a great place for things such as sunglasses.

Experts also recommend that using compression bags or cubes to get even more space although they would not reduce the weight of your suitcase.

These will also make it easier for you to find out what you really need in a large suitcase.

  • Think outside the bag

Another idea: Take along some of the items you will need on your trip without putting them in your bag.

If you are travelling during the winter season, or going somewhere where it is chilly or cold, wear your biggest boots and your bulkiest jacket while travelling on the plane.

It is because it will keep you really warm and would take up less space than what it is normally required.

If you carry a purse, put that inside a larger tote bag for more space to carry on if you are flying.

The tote can go under the seat in front of you, while your suitcase will go above.

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