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How to Perform Spiritual Cleansing this Ramadan

We all know that with the ongoing threats of Corona harms, this Ramadan is going to be a bit different from the usual outdoor Ramadan times. Almost the whole world is observing lockdowns and economic shutter down.  All sorts of social and religious gatherings of every major religion are closed down.

Like all the different religious societies, the Muslim community is also saddened by the long term closure of their grandest and the most worshipping sites of Makkah and Madinah. These are the Muslim Holiest sites where millions of God fearers were desirous to land their feet this Ramadan through special Umrah Packages

However, the Corona pandemic has stopped these piteous followers to fulfill their most important or may be once in a life time spiritual opportunity.

True God Fearers Don’t Worry

We as Muslims have a strident faith (Imaan) in Allah (SWT).  A strong hearted Muslim doesn’t run from any sort of worldly challenges.  He/she copes with the troubling times with utmost religious zeal, patience and perseverance.  The truest Muslim never deviates from the ultimate belief that everything happens for our own good with the deepest lessons in it.

Instead of going panic, you need to ponder on the deep hidden meanings of troubling life events.

Quarantine Ramadan- An Unprecedented Spiritual Time

Believe me that this Corona quarantine time of Ramadan is the most important time of our lives.  It is the time to brush and brighten up our darker alleys of our hearts and homes.  It is the superb spiritual time to get ourselves more and more close to our Almighty Creator.

Interior Soul Décor in Ramadan

Instead of being sad, be more thankful to Allah than before, that He (SWT) has blessed you an guest time to for the spiritual decoration of houses and hearts.

At a leisure weekend time after the 5-6 days long busy routines, many of us choose to decorate and beautify our houses with lots of devotion.

Similarly, in this quarantine Ramadan period, you can do this spiritual décor of your heart and soul in the following soothing ways.

Sit on the Prayer Mat and Weep

If you are feeling alone or saddened to the heart, then open the prayer mat, sit on it, prostrate, lay on it ( do whatever you want) and just weep. Give vent to your long repressed feelings and emotions. Share them with Allah (SWT). You would surely feel that this is the best of best antidote for every mental illness.

You would end up with a positive feedback that no one is your truest friend except your one and only Creator.

Repent on Your Sins

This is the second spiritual step for your internal soul décor.  Your self-isolation in this super holiest month is giving you the friendliest opportunity to get your sins removed from the Allah (SWT).

You can get renew your previous sinful soul with the divine will of Allah (SWT). It’s the time to make yourself a newer person through the heartiest repentance on your sins.  We must never forget that to Error is human, to forgive is Divine.

Your sincerest prayer of sin expiation would never go unheard because you are longing for it in the most blessed month of your life.  Allah (SWT) never leaves your prayers unheard and unaccepted in this holiest month Ramadan.

Open the Glorious Holy Quran

It is said that if you want Allah (SWT) to talk to you, then do open the glorious Holy Quran. Listen to what Allah is saying to you. According to the Holy Prophet (SAW), the Quran recitation is the spiritual medicine of the bruised/ saddened heart. It’s going to be an ideal way to make your “Quarantine a Quran Time”

Send Blessings on Holy Prophet (SAW)

Our last Messenger is the sole reason of this Universe’s creation.  This Quarantine Ramadan can surely provide you with an ample time to commemorate and send blessings on the Holy Prophet (SAW). You can also adopt any of His (SAW) incredible Sunnah to make yourself a better person.

Show Gratitude to Allah Almighty

Never say you are stuck, say that you are utterly blessed to have houses to protect yourself and your loved ones.  This Ramadan just convert your house into your home. Spend a quality memorable time with your family and the nearest ones.

If you are blessed to be parent, then perform prayers with your little captains.  This Ramadan in quarantine just ponder on the spiritual charisma of the word AlHamdulilaH.  Say thank you or Alhamdulilah as much as you can to get the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

Pray for the Speedy Recovery of the Sufferers

In your prayers, please don’t forget to pray for the speedy recovery of your sick fellows who are suffering from Corona, cancer or any other sort of harmful illnesses.

Raise a Helping Hand

It’s the time to raise the helping hand to the most deserving ones and cleanse your wealth with your hearts. This is the right time for a silent financial help for your loved ones without any sort of show off. It’s the time to increase their self-esteem along with the increment of their financial aid.

During and even after this unprecedentedly spiritual Ramadan you would find a better positive change in your inner self for sure Insha’Allah

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