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How to Save Emails from Outlook Web App to Computer

Do you want to save emails from Outlook web app to Computer? If Yes, then you can do so in numerous ways. These methods are quite simple and effective to download the data. But first, we should know about the reasons to export the emails.

Outlook Web App is also called Outlook Web Access (OWA). It is a web version of MS Outlook and one of the tools of Microsoft Office Suite. It makes it easy for users to access their Outlook account. They can log in to their account from any location. However, it also increases the risk of data can go wrong.

Why Should You Save Emails to Computer

Outlook web app is a full-featured tool that manages multiple emails. But users want to save emails from Outlook web app to computer. They have many reasons to export the emails. Some of the significant reasons to export emails to the system are:

  • Saving emails are helpful when your mailbox data get corrupted. It helps you in restoring the files to their original state. So, You save emails as attachments in the Outlook web app. It will work like a backup that gets used for retrieving valuable data.
  • If you have all your emails on your system, you can view them without an internet connection. It is beneficial when you want to check emails but do not have an internet connection.
  • Outlook web app is a secure email provider, but it does not guarantee malicious activities. It is always at a risk of leaking user’s account information. So, you should download Outlook emails to your computer.

All these reasons encourage you to learn how to download outlook emails.

Methods to Save Emails from Outlook Web App to Computer

There are two ways you can save emails from Outlook web app to computer. The first way is by using manual methods. These methods do not require any software to make backup files. But they are quite complicated and troublesome for new users. The two most effective manual methods are listed below:

Download Emails from Outlook Web App to computer as PDF file

The simple method to download an email from the Outlook web app is by using the print feature. It can download a copy of the email in your mailbox to your computer. 

  • First, Sign in to your Outlook Web App Account.

save emails from outlook

  • Open the mail you want to save to your computer.

  • Click on the More Actions options button and select the Print option.

  • It will open a preview page. Click on the Print button.

  • Choose the Save as PDF in the Destination in the Print dialogue box.

  • Click on the Save button and choose the location in your system.

  • Again, click on the Save button to download the email.

Save Emails by View Message Source Option

You can export the emails to your local drive in the HTML file format using this method. It also helps you to open the saved file in a browser. However, you can not save the emails in bulk using this method. So, you have to perform it separately for each email.

  • Open your Outlook Account.

  • Open the email you want to save to your system.

  • Tap on the More Actions option to continue further.
  • Select the View option and then the View message source option. It will open the message in HTML format.
  • Press Ctrl+S to save the file.

  • Choose a destination for the file and click on the Save button.

Another way to save emails from Outlook web app to computer is by using an automatic method. It is a fast and easy solution for creating backup files. In this method, you use software to download all your emails and other valuable data. Office 365 Backup tool is a one-stop solution for creating a backup of all the important emails. It offers various features that facilitate users to make email backups.


Outlook web app offers various unique features. It also allows you to save emails from Outlook web app to computer. So, you can access the mailbox without going online. There are two methods for exporting your emails: The manual and the Automatic methods. The former does not require any tool but is a little complicated to perform for new users. However, the latter is a suitable option for those looking for a fast and easy solution. In this method, you can use third-party software to create a backup of AOL emails.

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