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How To Select The Right Cricket Shoes

Choosing the right pair of cricket shoes is quite a time-consuming process that requires a lot of research and knowledge. It becomes more difficult if you have zero knowledge about the shoes and choosing the wrong one can badly impact your performance.

When it comes to boosting your performance, shoes go a long way in helping you to achieve maximum results, whether you are performing in the group or the practice session.

Right cricket shoes offer perfect support and help you protect yourself against injuries as a batsman, bowler, and as well as for all-rounder.

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It is very much important for a batsman to choose the right cricket shoes for improving performance and to improve body posture.

Whereas, cricket shoes also help bowlers to land perfectly and stabilize their hands. That’s why we have discussed some of the key factors you should know when buying cricket shoes for yourself. 

Tips To Choose The Right Pair Of Cricket Shoes 

In case you are too busy to get through the whole details, here we have some important details for you to keep in mind while buying cricket shoes for you.   


Look for such shoes that are made of high-quality material on the upper surface, some materials include, polyethylene, micro-fibers, and other types of synthetic material. Such types of material are lightweight and long-lasting irrespective of the surface used.  


Cushioning in the shoes is very much important especially when you are buying shoes for cricket. In cricket, players run up to 3 to 4 km which means a lot of pressure will be on the lower leg. If your shoes have proper cushioning then it will reduce the force on the lower leg. The perfect place for cushioning is the midsole as well as the heel part. 


Stability is another factor that should be kept in mind while buying cricket shoes. Some shoe brands offer medical arch support to curb or reduce pronation during bowling. When you buy such shoes that have great stability then it will result in reduced forces, which are experienced at the level of the inner ankle, knee, and hips.   

Great Breathability 

For a player, it is very much crucial to foot a breath during an intensive cricket match, especially on hot days of summer. Therefore, you need to look for shoes that offer great breathability and proper ventilation. So that they can play a sweat-free match, that is why they always buy cricket shoes that have proper circulation of air.  


Cricket shoes are made of different elements in them, and spikes are one of them, there are different types of spikes too. What type of spike is required, depends on the venue, if fewer or more spikes are necessary and which type will work best for them. Well, for batsmen, half spikes can work perfectly because they are more responsive and lighter. If you are a bowler then full spikers are recommended for you, as it gives great stability and better grip which is a key factor for a bowler. You can explore different sports shoes at remarkable prices if you redeem the Scarosso Promo Code in shopping. 

These were some of the shopping tips that you should keep in mind for buying cricket shoes, now I will discuss some aspects of cricket shoes in brief. 

Right Way To Approach The Cricket Shoes!

Well, there are several options of cricket shoes available in the market, choosing the right one will depend on your performance and at what level you are playing. And your role as a cricketer also determines what type of shoes would be a better option for you. 

Rubber and metal spikes are a good option for a batsman because it provides a better grip and result, and you can run faster on the pitch. However, cricket studs are recommended for bowlers, as they provide the right landing position. Some shoe spike soles have removable metal spikes fixed at the bottom of the shoe. If you are doing extension practice sessions then you will require such shoes that are best for long-lasting practices. Because it is important to keep the duration in mind when buying cricket shoes. 

Size And Weight 

Size and weight these two things are vital to know. The right shoe size is necessary as ill-fitting can affect your performance. If wearing tighter shoes, restrict you on the ground and too loose will make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, larger sizes won’t allow you to have a definite stride. It is better to have some breathability space for your toe as it will ease movement across the ground. Furthermore, weight is also an important factor, because cricket is a physical sport that requires a lot of running, no matter if you are a bowler, fielder, or batsman. A lightweight shoe will be more beneficial for you to easily run on the ground without feeling a burden on your foot. 

The Best Material To Buy 

A wide variety of materials are used in making cricket shoes, that’s why you should know the build-in material of the cricket shoe. The material should give you proper legroom, it should be comfortable, and have good breathability. Most of the brands are using artificial leather in making cricket shoes this artificial leather is known as polyurethane. Shoes made of such materials are super soft, flexible, and allow free movement of the feet.   

Budget For Buying Cricket Shoes

Making a budget for buying cricket shoes, whether online or from brick-and-mortar stores is as important as other factors that are vital to buying cricket shoes. How much you should spend on buying shoes will depend on your playing level. If you are a beginner then you should not invest more in buying shoes. If you are an intermediate player then go for high-quality shoes and set a high budget. 

A person who has just started his or her cricket career should invest too much in buying shoes. Because they have not yet developed the technique of the game. 

Shoe That Cricketer Wears 

Most cricketers wear specialist cricket shoes that are identical to ordinary pairs of trainers. The latter is specifically made for cricket with a lot of sturdiness. It is one of the biggest differences between trainers and specialist shoes. International players wear shoes from different brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, etc. Brands sponsor their shoes to the players and they wear them on the ground. So it’s like their official shoe partner, they were free shoes.

But brands know that professional cricketers won’t compromise on their comforts. That is why they give the best shoe to them, with high durability, lightweight, the best material, and of the best quality. Such types of shoes are obviously costly, but ordinary people can afford them easily. Different price ranges of shoes are available in the market, you can find as low as $200 to 1000 dollars. Buy according to your requirement, by keeping these things in your mind, your level, the venue, and other things!

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