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How To Start Your Business SMS Outreach


Marketing your business is never an easy task, and it’s a job that’s never done. But you can make it a little easier by using an SMS outreach plan to connect with your clients or customers. It only takes a few steps to start an outreach that will help strengthen your business brand.

Make The Shift From Email To SMS Communication

An email list used to be the most comfortable and most convenient way to communicate with customers/clients. But people are growing increasingly wary of an inbox full of emails they have to look through to see which are worth opening. These days, SMS communication is preferred by many consumers. They don’t get inundated with these messages, so it means something to them when they do get one.


SMS messages are short, and to the point, so even those with the busiest schedules will have time to read them, whereas the same can’t be said about emails quickly. The time it takes to find an email, open it, and read it is too much for many people.


On average, SMS messages are opened by the recipient 98% of the time. Of that 98%, as many as 36% of them click through to read a message and respond if necessary. In comparison, only 15% of people will even open an email, and only 5% will read the whole thing.

Consider Using A VOIP Network

If your business still uses traditional phone service, consider switching to a VOIP network. This is the easiest way to use SMS messages to reach your customers/clients. Using software-based phones with a VOIP network makes it easy to utilize a mobile app for communication purposes.


Having just the right SMS provider is also crucial to your outreach efforts. Obtaining bulk software makes communication more efficient for your employees and customers. Whether you need to reach a few hundred customers, or several thousand, a service like mass text messaging is an invaluable business tool.


Especially if you have employees working from home, mass texting on a VOIP network allows them to get their job done while using their phones without revealing their personal information. Those working in the office will be able to use their computers to send SMS messages to customers who text them with a question.

Create Exciting Promotional Campaigns

Even if your business has a brick-and-mortar location where customers can purchase your goods or services, they don’t always have to stop in. Help them make the most of their time by creating promotional campaigns that will inspire and excite them to frequent your business.


Everything from sales announcements and coupon codes can be sent out using SMS messaging. You can entice your customers to do business with you to send out electronic gift cards. You’re saving them the hassle of using a physical gift card, which could quickly become lost or stolen. Electronic gift cards can also be a great way to thank customers for their loyalty and reward them for opting into your SMS messages.

Don’t Limit SMS Messaging To Customers

While SMS messaging is an effective way to reach your customers, it can also efficiently convey vital information your employees need to know. For example, in inclement weather, you can send out texts telling staff that the office is closed or its opening is delayed.


Using SMS messaging to reach out to customers, clients and employees mean everyone can stay connected, no matter what. This increases the efficiency of your business and builds your brand as trustworthy and open to professional communication.

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