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How to Use Sand for Various Construction Purposes?

Building new projects require you to obtain the proper materials for construction which include things such as construction sand, construction aggregates and so on. But it is important to understand that there is no one type fit all kinds of sand available in the market.

This implies that there are multiple types of sand material that can be used for various construction purposes. Depending on what project you are working on, each sand type offers its unique functionality and use. Here we will explain the 4 types of sand and how they can be used in construction.

River Sand

The most common type of sand that is found almost everywhere these days, is the river sand. Just like the same suggests, it is the sand found along the river banks, which makes it the most efficient sand type to collect. If you are planning to work on construction projects where a significant amount of plastering is required, then river sand is a good option. 

The grains are mostly round and is considered better than most of the other sand types available in the market and it is very easy to identify as well, as it is mostly available in grey shade of the white. The grains of river sand are mostly round in shape, which offers sturdier constructions.

Pit Sand

Another common type of sand that is most commonly used for construction purposes in various places is known as the pit sand. Unlike other sand types, pit sand is collected by digging pits that are significantly deeper compared to a regular pit. It is easily refonginbale as pit sand almost always gives a red with orange color. 

However, this type of sand is usually very coarse compared to the other types. This physical quality of pit sand makes it that much more valuable as they are perfect when you need to construct or manufacture concrete.  Though the sand from such pits are mostly free from salt and is also known for being jagged-free, which further enhances its applications.

Concrete Sand

When considering construction sand variety, you cannot overlook concrete sand as it is already known as the most used sand type in the country. Manufacturers and suppliers usually crush concrete to come up with the sand as the end product. Although there are multiple uses of concrete sand, it is mostly used when creating things such as new paths, pavements and leveling layers etc., for walking and base layers.

Artificially Manufactured Sand

Although there is always an availability of various sand types, you still cannot use it for every application, since they might not be ideal for a project. This is where artificial or manufactured sand comes in. 

As the name suggests, it is created by manufacturers and suppliers in their own factories and it offers better applications and end products as well. The constructed items or buildings are much more sturdy and tough in various environments. 

Since it can be artificially created, manufacturers have a better control at its composition and strength. This sand type is usually found or created in grey color that we usually see in modern day construction sites. Since there are multiple manufacturers of M-sand as well, it is important to find the right one by evaluating your needs first.

You’ll also need to evaluate the cost of moving it from the manufacturer to your construction site, hence finding a supplier that is closest to you is equally important. Reliable manufacturers such as Robo sand for construction should be your primary option when aiming for a cost effective option for your construction projects.

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