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Buy and Sell

How to when buying clothes

Girls always think that there will be fewer clothes in the closet, but they don’t really like all the clothes in the closet. In fact, many clothes may only have an intention to leave the country twice a year. Then, today I will also share how to buy clothes. Make a decision at the time.

Try to pay in cash

Go out with the shoes you usually wear
Try to keep the usual facial makeup on the day of buying clothes

In this era when you can swipe cards everywhere, people are often accustomed to the action of swiping, and then ignore the price of the clothes you buy, whether it is really worth the money, many times have not considered it, so when paying, If possible, use cash as much as possible, which will give you one more step to consider if it is appropriate.

Many people wear a pair of shoes that they don’t usually wear, but they don’t want to buy the shoes they like. After they come back, the clothes are like those shoes and become collectibles. Because you matched those shoes and bought them. A piece of clothing, so when buying clothes, in most cases, try to wear the shoes you wear most often to increase the rate of coming out of this piece of clothing.

Many girls go out shopping to buy clothes with girlfriends. In order to be beautiful, they may bring makeup out. However, when choosing clothes, the top of the face does not fit the makeup. The perfection ratio is completely different. Maybe you buy I have a dress that looks good when I put on makeup, but I can’t match it after removing the makeup. This really depends on personal preference.


The experience of this article is originally based on real experience, and I decline to reprint it without permission.

The editor introduces some ways to buy “green clothes”. Of course, it refers to clothes that are safe and harmless to human health!

How to buy clothes?

  • money
  • Attentively

Generally, light-colored clothing is more environmentally friendly than dark-colored clothing. Because the fabrics of light-colored clothing are less likely to be contaminated during the production process, especially close-fitting underwear. From a health perspective, lighter colors should be used.

How to buy clothes?

When shopping for clothes, you can choose unlined ones. For suits and other products that must be lined, products with non-stick lining technology can be selected. Because the lining needs glue, and the glue usually contains solvents such as formaldehyde. Buy Men and Women’s clothes and save with Boden discount code 25 off  and Boden discount code NHS

How to buy clothes?

Clothing that has passed the green environmental protection certification is hung with a disposable laser holographic anti-counterfeiting mark, which can be illuminated by a laser pointer, and 10 rings can be seen at any angle.

Try not to buy non-iron clothes. Especially those who are allergic to formaldehyde should not wear non-iron clothing.

How to buy clothes?

Don’t hang the non-iron clothes you just bought in the closet immediately. It is best to rinse them with water before wearing them to reduce the formaldehyde content in the clothes.

How to buy clothes?

After putting on new clothes, if you have skin allergic reactions such as skin itching, contact dermatitis, or symptoms such as emotional restlessness, poor diet, continuous coughing, etc., you should consider whether the clothes are uncomfortable and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

How to buy clothes?

The basic principles of clothing matching

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to have a deep color on the top and a light color on the bottom. This will give people a top-heavy feeling. If the top is a plaid or striped pattern, then the skirt is best not to have the same pattern, but a single color. Conversely, if the skirt is floral, then a plain shirt should be worn on it. Colorful shirts should not be worn under outer clothes, especially gay men. If you wear a floral shirt directly outside, the effect will be much better. If the clothes are more formal and solemn on the outside, the shirts on the inside should be light and plain.

The top and bottom materials should be relatively close. If the upper body is made of stiff wool and the lower body is a pair of cloth pants without trousers, it will definitely look nondescript.

The styles of upper and lower garments should also tend to be consistent. If the Chinese women’s outerwear wears a suit skirt, it is obviously inappropriate. Wear straight tops or women’s short tops with wide hem, and don’t wear large skirts.

If you wear a sports shirt, it is best to wear a set, and you should also wear sports shoes on your feet, so that you can look spirited and coordinated. Never wear a uniform on top and a pair of sports pants underneath. Horizontal striped fabric is not suitable for pants.

If you wear a sweater on the upper body, then the pants or skirts on the lower body should also be made of heavy materials, so as to match. It is best not to put silk clothes inside the sweater. First, it is easy to damage the silk clothes. Second, the texture of the sweater is inconsistent with the sweater, which makes people feel very uncomfortable.

The easiest way to match the color of the socks is to make the color of the socks similar to the skin tone.

If you wear slim and compact high heels, it is best not to wear thick socks. On the contrary, thin socks should not be matched with sneakers and thick boots.

Master 15 tips for dressing and color matching

01. White complexion-wear a yellowish color

The genetic color I put forward is to use skin color to distinguish the color that suits you. For people with fair complexion, use yellowish

Colors, such as orange, goose yellow, turkey blue, olive green, etc.

02. The skin tone is more ruddy and healthy-wearing bluish colors. If the skin color is more ruddy and healthy, it is suitable to use bluish colors, such as chili red, lake green, ocean green, water blue, lemon yellow and so on.

03. The basic color of clothing is recommended no.1-khaki or camel

Khaki is very suitable for oriental people whose skin tone is yellow, especially this color is easy to blend with other colors.

04. Recommended basic color of clothing no.2-gray

Gray is a color that is not easy to make mistakes, and it is also very suitable as the main color of clothing. Neutral gray has a great extension of collocation.

05. Recommended basic color of clothing no.3-dark blue

Dark blue is the color that many men like to choose, but it is suitable for people with reddish skin.

06. Recommended basic color of clothing no.4-dark coffee. Dark coffee is an honest and calm color. Like khaki, it is suitable for people whose skin tone is yellow.

07. The color matching proposal of khaki as the main color

Upper body-goose yellow, beige, coffee, champagne, pink orange, apricot yellow, apple green. 08. Suggestions for color matching with gray as the main color

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