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Idea of Reopening Schools Rejected by Educational Directors

Right after the pandemic, schools and educational institutes were shut down around the whole world. Due to this, school management had to put a full stop on in-person learning which has eventually led to the concept of online classes and recorded lectures.

However, now the world is somehow resuming back!

Schools and educational institutions are all set to resume their in-person teaching as soon as the health conditions are appropriate enough to call students in school.


Due to the absence of formal classroom systems, students are unable to manage the study hours properly, not everyone has an active internet connection every minute, the communication gap between students and teachers is also a major problem.

Hence, there are several issues of online teaching due to which it is now being planned to open up the schools and other educational institutes so that students could restart the process of in-person teaching.


In the past month, it has been very difficult for the Californian students and parents to cope up with the scenario of “Safe schools for all”. This motive was directed towards the reopening of schools as soon as the condition return to normal and every student could attend the school with the precautionary measures.

“Safe schools for all” is basically a school reopening plan in California proposed by the Governor of the state- Gavin Newsom.

Well, the supervisors of 7 of California’s largest school districts on 6th January 2021 blasted the Democratic Government Gavin Newsom’s new school reopening plan. The report stated that it fails to consider the key factors due to which the schools are being closed. It further stated that it performs nothing to end the uneven effect of coronavirus over people with low-wedges.


The letter was sent on 6th January, 2021 that further stated, the administrators are not satisfied and do not believe that government is doing something properly to reduce the cases of coronavirus in low-earning communities.

Also, it stated that governor’s intention to give $450 to every student when the in-person teaching would begin, will also serve as punish to poor one and as help for the wealthy ones.

The letter also expressed that schools must be opened for the in-person teaching but it cannot be done alone.

Newsom had announced his plan of “Safe schools for all” on December 30th, 2020 in which he expressed that he will spend up to $2 billion to encourage the schools to reopen from February 2021. However, the cases of pandemic COVID-19 are constantly rising in several parts of the states.

The reopening plan of the school went on for first calling the students from preschool to Grade 2 and others would be joining from March.

However the critics considered it one of the most confusing thing for the schooling systems and stated that the low-income schools would not receive anything and the funding for the kids won’t be available. Master writers from different assignment writing services also supported the statement and said, in this way the students will get stuck at home in the process of online learning.


The school supervisors who had written the letter collectively teach one-quarter of all students in California. Namely;

  1. Bob Nelson of Fresno Unified School District
  2. Jill Baker of Long Beach Unified
  3. Austin Beutner of Los Angeles Unified
  4. Kyla Johnson-Trammell of Oakland Unified
  5. Jorge Aguilar of Sacramento City Unified
  6. Cindy Marten of San Diego Unified
  7. Vincent Matthews of San Francisco Unified

-Los Angeles Unified is the second-largest school district in the country.

The heads of the schools also stated that Newsom should set a statewide standard for the reopening of the school instead of allowing only individual school districts to decide.

The guidelines followed in California from a couple of months have stated that the reopening of schools would only be considered if the case of coronavirus would count 7 per 100,000 people.

Such argument once happened in UK during COVID-19 which was supported by many academic expert, firms of thesis help in UK, and by many educationalists. It was claimed that, schools must stay close and distanced learning must be observed till the situation of pandemic get better.


The urban areas of the whole state of California have much higher rate of transmission of the coronavirus. The supervisors stated that the government of the state must stay alert and should perform more active tasks to help the people who are highly affected by the coronavirus.

Also, the letter stated that the transmission of coronavirus is higher in the low-income communities. This gives the rise to the conflict of black and white in California. The black people do not have the choice to work at home.

Also, the 80% of students live in poverty and more than 75% of the families have faced unemployment due to the virus.

The effect of coronavirus is also being reflected in schools. The covid-19 tests done in December in schools of Los Angeles also showed every one in three children was exposed to virus with lowest-income communities and showed no known symptoms till then.

The pandemic of coronavirus is reflecting its long-lasting impact throughout the state and it is being expected that in March 2021, all the safe health protocols would be followed in the schools. Also, it would be tried that low-income communities could also meet all the safe school deadlines.

But still, the cases of pandemics are increasing around the state increasing the death rate and infection transmission.


The 7 Administrative heads of California schools criticized Newsom’s school reopening plan by presenting their concerns. The Newsom’s proposal is about spending $2 billion to help the schools so they could take essential steps before reopening the schools. In this way, students would also be able to follow precautionary measures effectively.

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