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In Goa are the Top 10

Goa is close to a tropical paradise on the western coast of India: stunning stretches of white sand beaches, calm waters, and luxurious palm trees. The area’s historical and cultural heritage is also well known. Here we discuss Goa’s best stuff for the intrepid voyageur.


Ingo Night Market Saturday


Ingo’s Saturday Night Market is a real feast for travelers looking for something authentic and colorful. This is a bazaar built for everyone. The visitors are just as crowded, whether locals or domestic tourists, all of who are interested in seeing the dynamic culture of Goa… or a contract. Ingo’s provides souvenirs to take loved ones home, an open bar, live music, and a remarkable selection of food stalls that appeal to every palate.


Diving Goa


Goa Diving is an adventurer’s school. India is the first institution to offer PADI certificates, teaching the art of scuba diving to enthusiasts, among other things. Water sport in Goa, thanks to the nice beaches of the city, is one of the most popular activities, and you could learn from the best so you can enjoy the sea. Go Diving is the ideal place for both beginners and seasoned divers with over 25 years of experience that allows you to peek into a secret, magical world.


Bom Jesus’ Basilica


It means good or holy Jesus, Bom Jesus translates. The Bom Jesus Basilika is ideal for the lover of complex design since its remarkable baroque architecture is well known and one of the finest examples of Baroque detail. Its significance both in the regional and architectural patrimony is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The glass case containing the remains of St. Francis Xavier is on the inside of the 400-year-old basilica.


Pereira House Menezes Braganza


Goa doesn’t have to do anything about beaches and parties. The region has a rich past in colonial terms and the Braganza House is a splendid book in history, which tells the story of the Portuguese colonial history in Goa. This two-story house with its fading walls and retro style looks intriguing and welcoming from on the roads. All homes owned by non-Indians, including the Braganza building, had to be vacated after Indian Independence. Today this is a private house with an astonishing array of antiques and furnishings from all over the world.


Great Foot


In the center of Lotoliu, Big Foot is a treasure house of precious objects, artifacts, stories, and sculptures, all rooted in Goan culture and tradition. Big Foot’s goat’s lifestyle and values are maintained through art by uniting local craftsmen to develop and showcase their work. The sculptures shown in the home are especially noteworthy: the sculpture of Sant Mirabai has been identified as Limca’s largest sculpture, and there are several other sculptures illustrating the ancient customs and practices of the goat.


Mahavir Bhagwan Fauna


Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife is the ideal place to spend time with nature and for those who want a place to find peace and quiet. The sanctuary has leopards, elephants, horses, and Indian bison to tend to their species and protect them. Because of its range and the number they encounter at the sanctuary, the park is also a paradise for birdwatchers. Private jeeps must be planned to explore the park, the more you go inside, the more exotic species you can discover.


Plantation of tropical spice


Preserving their country’s heritage, the Tropical Spice Plantation workers welcome visitors on their foreheads with a garland of flowers and kumkum. Besides the Spice Plantation tour of 45 minutes, visitors also have a choice to go for an elephant tour or give an elephant a bath, ending in a sweet, delicious banana leaf lunch buffet. Tropical Spice Plantation is the only must-visit experience and learns about different aspects of the Goan culture and its unique and charming experience.


The Museum of Naval Aviation


One of the only military museums in India is the Naval Aviation Museum, the other in New Delhi. The museum is proud to display the evolution of the Indian Navy over the past decades. Nave Aviation Museum is a big stop for history buffs and fans of aircraft, opening hours: from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. Watch out: info on how the naval aircraft are working: Bogmalo Lane, Mormugao, Goa The Naval Aviation Museum is a great stop for the enthusiastic of the Naval Unit Opening Hours:


Panjim Viva


It’s difficult to miss Viva Panjim with its grim, bloody walls and lovely wood-covered balcony. The restaurant, although small, has gained popularity throughout Goa with its budget-friendly menu, freshwater, homemade cooking, and charming location with intimate outdoor sitting areas. The restaurant offers a tradition. If you want to explore and taste classic Goan dishes, it is a great place to go.


Rides by ferry


If there’s one thing Goa was blessed with generously, it’s beaches. Therefore, it is unavoidable that boat trips, whether for water sport or for a romantic getaway, are the most anticipated and fun activity. It’s easy to find the one most suited to your tastes and budget with many boat ride companies to choose from. Beaches such as Morgan, Ashwin, Calangute, Panaji are popular for boat rides and houseboat rides are unmissable experiences once a lifetime.

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