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Increase the Range of Your wifi with Netgear EX8000 Setup 

Netgear EX8000 Setup 

Yes, now you can increase your existing wifi range up to 3000 feet with the help of Netgear ex8000 setup. This detailed guide will tell you how you can install your Netgear ex8000 setup without any outside help. Also, we will advise you on some tips and tricks to experience better quality internet. But, before we move further, let us know a bit about our device. 

Netgear ex8000 X6S Tri-band WiFi extender 

Once we successfully install our extender device, it starts using a 5GHz radio band to communicate with your existing wifi, which lets the other two bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) used by client traffic. Also, it supports MU-MIMO data streaming and gleam. According to Google, the Wireless throughput performance of the Netgear ex8000 extender is good. You can extend the network coverage of your existing router up to 2500-3000 sq feet with a high speed of 3000mbps. 

Perform Netgear EX8000 Setup in No Time 

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to perform the Netgear ex8000 setup without any error popups. 

  • Unbox your Netgear ex8000 extender carefully and take it to the same room as your existing router
  • Plug your extender device in any electrical outlet and turn it on by pressing the on/off switch. 
  • Let your extender device’s LED indicator get stable. It’ll take a couple of minutes, and please be patient. 
  • Once done, look for the WPS button on your extender device. 
  • Press and hold the WPS key for almost 3 seconds straight and then release it. 
  • Now move to your router device and look for the WPS button. 
  • Press and hold the WPS button of your router device for 3 seconds straight and then release it. 
  • Your router and extender are now successfully connected.
  • Move your extender device to the new location. We did advise you to place your extender halfway to your existing router and the place with low or no internet connection. 
  • Once you found the perfect location for your extender device, take any of your smartphones and unlock it. 
  • Tap the wifi icon to open the available network list. 
  • Look for your new Netgear ex8000 setup network and click on it to get connected.

 Note: Don’t forget to mark the remember me option so that you don’t have to connect every time you are close to your extender. 

  • Once connected, run a test video to check the live internet connections. 
  • If it runs, congratulations! Now you can enjoy buffer-free internet at every footstep of your house or workplace.

As promised, we are going to share some tips and tricks to experience better quality internet. Stick with the article.

Netgear EX8000 Setup | Troubleshooting Internet Speed | Netgear Extender Setup 

Here are some essential tips that you can do on your own to experience a better quality internet experience. 

  • Make sure that your router is active and spreading live internet connections. 
  • Make sure that your extender device receives proper internet connections from your router to fill the dead zone. If not, try to move your extender device a little closer to your router. 
  • Keep your router and extender device away from the room corner. Also, concrete walls cause internet connection interference. 
  • Ensure that your router or extender device is not in the range of any electronic gadget like microwave ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors, televisions, etc.

Perform a Factory reset on the device before Netgear extender setup

Before you fall directly on the Netgear extender setup, we advise you to perform a factory reset on your extender device. If you are using an old extender, performing the factory reset will reduce the chances of getting error popups on your screen.


If you have any issues regarding Netgear extender setup, portal, or others, let us know, and we will try to assist you with a better solution ASAP.   

I hope this article is helpful to you. 


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