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Homoeopathy is a holistic system of medicine, which aims to stimulate the body to cure itself. It’s founded upon the principle ‘like cures like’.

It had been set by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) from the late 18th century. The term ‘homoios’ means ‘like’ or ‘similar’ and ‘pathos’ means ‘suffering’ and so Homoeopathy is a ‘Medication of enjoys’. It’s a system of treating the sufferings of a diseased person by management of treatments having the capability to produce similar sufferings in a comparatively healthy person. For more information about Homoeopathy, visit Spring Homeo.

Homoeopathy – Holistic Medicine

Homoeopathy is a holistic approach to therapeutics according to the “Law of similars”.

It impacts the whole organism concurrently producing positive changes emotionally, physically and emotionally. Homoeopaths will need to obtain a comprehension of the person on all levels of their being so that you can effectively help them to return to wholeness or wellbeing. Holistic medicine also suggests a comprehension of the entire human being from the context of the surroundings. Holistic medicine respects the integrity of the individual anatomy and functions together with the body’s natural healing tendencies to fix imbalances quickly, gently and permanently.

Homoeopathy Medicines

Homoeopathy uses After Substances

  • Plant Kingdom — It comprises medication prepared from PLANT SOURCES, homeopathic medicines are prepared from organic sources. More than 75 per cent of these medications originate from the plant kingdom, i.e. blossoms, roots, leaves, whole plant along with the juice.
  • Animal Kingdom — It contains medication prepared from ANIMAL SOURCES, homoeopathic medicines are prepared from several examples of medication are, Latrodectus mactans, Cantharis (Spanish fly), Naja triptans (King Cobra), Vipera (Russell’s viper), Tarentula Hispania (Spanish spider), Tarentula cubensis (Cuban spider), Sepia (Dried inky juice of cuttlefish),.
  • Mineral Kingdom — It comprises medication prepared from MINERAL SOURCES, homeopathic medicines are prepared from Gold, Silver, Ferrum, Magnesium, Zinc etc
  • Nosodes — It comprises medication prepared out of morbid components or secretions of creatures. Eg Anthracinum (Diseased spleen of sheep), Medorrhinum (Morbid Grease of a horse).

Constantine Hering has been the first man to check the animal toxins and nosodes in human beings.


Fundamental nosodes:

Psorinum, Bacillinum, Syphilinum, Medorrhinum and Carcinosinum.

Isopathic nosodes:

Staphylococcinum, Malaria Officinalis and pyridinium, Streptococcinum, Pneumococcinum.

Exanthem Nosodes:

Morbillinum, Parotidinum, Vaccinium, Pertussinum, Diphtherinum, anthracene, Malandrinum, Variolinum and Influenzinum.

Isopathic Nosodes:

Streptococcinum, Pneumococcinum, Staphylococcinum, Malaria Officinalis and pyridinium.

Autogenous Nosodes:

Secretions or discharges in the pathological cells or organs of this pt itself for the treatment ( Tautopathy).

Intestinal Nosodes:

Bowel nosodes Or Bach nosodes: Bacillus Proteus, Bacillus dysentery coli, Bacillus morgan, Bacillus faecalis, Bacillus mutable, Bacillus Gaertner, Bacillus No 7.

Other Remedies:

Influenzinum, Typhinum, Parotidinum, Morbillinum, Scarlatinum, Eosinum, Typhoidinum, Osteoarthritic nosode, Maladrinum, Diphtherinum, Malaria Officinalis, Pertussis, Ambra grease, Anthracinum, Eel serum, Cholestrinum, Lyssin Scirrhinum, Leuticum, Pneumococcinum, Streptococcinum, Staphylococcinum Carcinocin, Variolinum, Vaccinium,

  • Sarcodes:

Sarcodes are ready from healthful secretions of Garlands Secretions are generally Hormones. Supply is generally Plants or Human. Eg Thyroidinum, Cholesterinum, Feltauri, Insulinum, Pancreatinum, Ovarinum etc…

Medicines —

1) Sarcodes from Entire Endocrine Glands —


Pituitary Posteriorinum

Two ) Sarcodes from wholesome Secretion



2) Adrenocorticotrophin



3) Sarcodes from Extract

Orchitinum (Testicular)

Oophorinum (Ovarian of cow, sheep, pig)

Pancreatinum (from pancreases of beef, including digestive enzymes)

Corpus luteum (from ovaries of pregnant animals)

4) Additional sarcodes

Cholesterninum: A theory Steroid in higher creatures, chief constituent of gall bladder & Gamble

Fel tauri: New Ox-gall

Valpis fel: New fox-gall etc..

Mammary glands: By the glands of the cow & sheep

Parotidinum: Extract of the parotid gland of the OX



Ingluvin — Gizzard of a fowl

Lecithin — Yolk of egg and animal brain

  • Impoderabilia

It comprises medication prepared from Energies such as – X-Ray & Magnet, Sun, Moon etc.

Why Homeopathy?

Some Advantages of holistic homoeopathy contain:

  • therapeutic
  • individualized
  • secure, gentle
  • nonstop
  • non-toxic
  • non-addictive

Homoeopathy now is a fast-growing platform and has been practised almost throughout the world. In India, it has grown into a household name because of the security of its pills and the gentleness of its cure.

It’s blended so well to the origins and customs of this nation it has been recognized as one of the National System of Medicine and plays an essential function in providing health care to a high amount of individuals. Its strength lies in its clear effectiveness as it requires a holistic approach towards the ill individual via promotion of internal equilibrium at psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Homoeopathy only means treating ailments with treatments, prescribed in minute doses, which can be capable of producing symptoms like the illness when taken by healthy men and women. It had been provided with a scientific foundation from Dr Samuel Hahnemann ( 1755-1843) from the early 19th century.

Advantages Of Homoeopathy

There Are Lots of methods of medicine on the planet, Homoeopathy is among these. Homoeopathy can treat energetic diseases also. When there’s derangement because of energy as a result of a physical or psychological variable or some other struggles of our own lives, then we’re experiencing illness condition. When there’s derangement within our body at the lively level by internal or external stimuli, then following first manifestation viewing on Skin; this means on less significant organ if it’s going to be suppressed by outside applications and then later it melts into deeper level towards Longer significant organ and this connection will be just well comprehended with a legitimate Homeopath. The purpose and objective of Science are to Deal with Someone inside; To Heal a Person as complete, not a Particular disease.

At Spring Homeo, we prepare homoeopathic medicines from natural sources such as plants, animals, minerals, etc. . greater dilutions by way of Potentisation, that is the reason why they contain a very minute quantity of drug substance and with greater curative power.

The experts at Spring Homeo says that Homoeopathy is Powerful and Quick-acting Medication since it stimulates nerve endings. So that, we’re unable to view its activity in your body but we could analyze the results of medication on the entire body.

Homoeopathic medications have possible they could stimulate the DNA coding in somatic cells. With the support of this herbal therapy, we could avoid moving genetic diseases in the following creation. Its activity is in so profound level that may heal ailments from origin. It doesn’t cure disease recurrence by just driving away from the symptoms but heals the individual inside. It stimulates your body’s own all-natural healing ability to bring health, wellbeing and vitality.

Added Advantages Of Homeopathy

  • Prevent surgery

Chalazion, tonsillitis, venereal or overall warts, corns, ganglion, fistula-in-ano, inner or external piles, renal calculi etc., are a few of the ailments treated successfully with Homeopathy, states generally worked on.

  • No side effects, no contraindications

Decades of clinical trials and use of those preparations have reasoned that Homeopathic drugs are safe together with different modes of therapy, powerful, non-invasive, and free of any unwanted effects.

  • Curative & palliative

Homoeopathy not only cures instances but in addition offers relief to ailments that progressed to irreversible structural modifications like rheumatoid arthritis, side effects of chemo or radiotherapy etc.

  • Anxiety Relief without unwanted effects

Clinically, homoeopathic medications successfully alleviate colic, spasms, overall or trigeminal neuralgia, migraine headaches, toothache, chronic lumbago, sciatica, pain due to injury etc.

  • Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic

Unlike other medicines, homoeopathy provides non-drowsy allergy therapy for hay fever, complete treatment for viral warts, quicker relief for viral cold sores and herpes treatment as well as anti-bacterial treatment for infectious ailments.

  • Homoeopathy – Parent’s First Choice

Nearly 50-60percent of those cases that undergo therapy are kids. Most of the children we treat are intolerant to the negative effects encountered with traditional (allopathic) medicine or have developed a resistance to the commonly prescribed drugs. Additionally, kids undergoing Homeopathic therapy from a young age, react better to Homeopathic drugs in their mature life when compared with those initiating therapy at a later point in life — an observation by our board of doctors.

  • No more side-effects, no contraindications.

Decades of clinical trials and use of those preparations have reasoned Homeopathic drugs to be secure for all ages along with other styles of therapy, powerful, non-invasive, and free of any unwanted effects.

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