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Isolation Gowns Vs Surgical Gowns? What is the Difference Between Both Gowns?

In the last two years, your lives have turned upside down due to the Covid-19 outbreak. People have suffered from losing loved ones and have developed fear in their hearts of losing their own lives. It is essential that people take a lesson from this experience and not take other health conditions lightly. It isn’t always necessary that disease is transferable, but there are still many vulnerabilities that you might have to deal with.

Isolation and surgical Kimberly Clark gowns and other medical gowns manufactured by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide try to make personal protective equipment that people trust and use to protect themselves and their loved ones. Often people get confused about buying and using surgical and isolation masks. So, this post covers the small and big details about the differences and utility of both these gowns. Scroll down to read further about surgical and isolation gowns.

What is the difference between surgical gowns and isolation gowns?

Both gowns have an individual purpose of solving and offering different levels of protection. You should not interchange them if you want to fight a virus or a disease. With the widespread coronavirus, most of you have heard about isolation gowns. So, to begin with, check out what isolation gowns are meant for.

The Purpose of Isolation Gowns

Isolation gowns are meant to be worms by the hospital/ medical staff exposed every day to harmful liquids, patients with contagious diseases, solids, penetrations and micro-organisms.
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A surgical gown can also be an isolation gown. To understand it better, below, you’ll find the details of three different types of surgical gowns and the levels of protection they offer.

Types of Surgical Gowns

Surgical gown: A surgical dress is worn by healthcare workers who are a part of conducting a surgery. It offers protection for all risk levels, restricting the transfer of microorganisms, body solid and fluids. While performing a surgery, the patient and the healthcare worker are at risk of exposure, and thus wearing personal protective equipment is extremely important.

Non-surgical gowns: In minimal risk zones, a healthcare professional or a patient attendant is suggested wearing a non-surgical down. It is to endure a barrier between the patient and the other people working or visiting them to avoid direct contact with any microorganisms or fluids.

Surgical isolation gowns: If you are working in critical zones with a medium exposure risk, you must wear a surgical isolation gown to maintain a level of protection from any harmful exposure. Suppose you have to deal with the patients in a burn unit or accident zone; you are in an intense critical area, where you can be transmitting the infection to the patients.

What are a few considerations you need to remember for buying isolation or surgical gowns?

If you are willing to buy Kimberly Clark gowns or any other medical gowns, below you’ll find details of factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

Level of protection standard

The FDA has set a standard for surgical and isolation gowns depending on the level of risk. They have categorised the risk in Level 1-4, which a manufacturer has to abide by and follow strictly.


It depends on who will be wearing the gown. And under what type of condition is a huge deciding factor for buying a gown. As discussed above in the article, the purpose and risk level are the main deciding factors.


If you are buying gowns, you need to decide whether to buy reusable or disposable gowns. Suppose you need a reusable gown; your preference of material should be cotton or poly-cotton or polyester. For disposable gowns, the most commonly used material is polyethylene or polypropylene.

So, keep all these things that you just read in your mind. And, buy gowns in bulk to get some concession on your purchase.

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