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Job Opportunities For DevOps Certified Professionals

Combining technical ability with important communication and operational skills, DevOps could be a flourishing IT philosophy, which might rework the organization’s ability to deliver applications and service at a vast scale. In the ancient world, the developing worked in silos from the operation team. This had several challenges like the platforms that the developers used, and also the testing was being done on totally different platforms, and so production was done on different platforms. There have been challenges with the operations because it was disconnected from the developing members, and sysadmin manually had to tack together. These challenges sweet-faced by each the developing and the operations team had one common issue: there was a blame game between both of the teams and nobody to resolve this problem. 

Future of DevOps

Many departments within the corporation are sometimes siloed and carry their procedures, particularly when it comes to an organization dependent upon software. Earlier developers don’t have any idea about the working of Operation teams. Operations teams don’t know about the developer team’s working team, which ultimately impacts the working criteria and growth particular organization. DevOps’ idea is to ease the working criteria of the teams; it works as a bridge between both the Development and Operations. These working criteria help organizations to perform better than before, either in product or in service. 

As a DevOps Engineer, there are various opportunities for you to figure out any company across the IT sector. As per the recent digitalization era, we study the market and found that the DevOps market has achieved $5.2 billion in 2018, which is expected to reach around $15 billion by 2023.

Another similar study has been performed. They predict that in 2017 the Global DevOps market is $3.36 billion, which is expected to reach by 2023, a total of $9.40 billion, registering a CAGR of 18.7% from 2017 to 2023.

Fastest growing Technologies that are shaping DevOps future in an IT industry


  •   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – These two technologies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are gaining popularity, and advancement shows that both the technologies will enhance themselves and foster DevOps growth very rapidly in the future. DevOps for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has the potential to stabilize and contour the model unleash method. It’s usually paired with the following and toolset to support Continuous Integration or Continuous preparation. 
  •   Microservices Architecture– The DevOps and Microservices design go hand in hand. Microservices design helps the organizations create deployments and add new options; they’re freelance entities and don’t interfere with different options. 
  •   DevOps Assembly lines– DevOps is sanctioning businesses with quicker and automatic software system delivery. Pipelines are used for envisioning the whole visual image of your app from ASCII text file to production. DevOps is all focused on continuous delivery, not solely on continuous integration and continuous deployment. 
  •   Automation – The whole DevOps pipeline consists of CI/CD ( continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous testing ), including the live and automated monitoring of application performance. Thus, automation in DevOps will lead software to higher accuracy, fosters speed, consistency, reliability, and increases the number of deliveries. 
  •   DevSecOps – DevOps may be a methodology aiming at establishing nearer collaboration between programmers and system directors within the computer code development method. A DevOps engineer may be a specialist engaged in the intersection of these fields. While DevSecOps is an additional development feature of the DevOps idea that performs besides automation, it addresses code quality and dependability assurance problems. 

The impression of DevOps emerged in the technological world after 2008. Since then, it has amassed tremendous response and is now on the verge of gaining the topmost priority in the technical and computational community. Many organizations are searching for multi-talented DevOps expertise individuals, as the entire functioning of their organization relies on them. Thus, the companies now are ready to deliver a broad sum of revenue to competent candidates.
Preparing yourself to keep the facets mentioned above can reap you the nicest benefits. Every year multiple openings for DevOps are published to accomplish the needful. These vacancies will be a great way to substantiate an overall revenue with skillful talent. Become an DevOps expert and get certification from DevOps Online Training at 3RI Technologies.


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