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Kedarkantha trek –  A Must Visit Trek



The Himalayas. Just wow and feel majestic even when imagining in our heads. The Himalayan Ranges are the earth’s heaven undoubtedly. Snow-capped green valleys, glacial lakes, sided with waterfalls and rippling and pure streams, rugged mountains, adventurous high passes, and the list would go on and on. You would be astounded by the beauty of everything that has made the Himalayas. Get ready to be amazed now!

Trek to Kedarkantha

Considered the best winter trek in India, Kedarkantha is one of those few and raw Himalayan treks that remains open even in winters, unlike other treks that are closed. Located in the Western Garhwal region, Uttarakhand, it’s an ideal choice even for a less experienced winter trekker. enriching backwoods, snow-topped paths with patches of greens, meadows with pine and oak tree forests, glacial lakes are everything that’s waiting for you. The mythology of the Kedarkantha trek revolves around Lord Shiva. His Trishul stands strong protecting the valley and its people from the top of the peak. Bottom line: It’s all worth it at the end!

 The Kedarkantha trek begins from the Sankri village located at a height of 6,000 feet. The entire trek from the beginning till the top of the peak, at an elevation of 12,500 feet you are offered panoramic views of snow-capped peaks almost throughout the trail. The entire trek is for a duration of 4 days starting from Sankri and back.

Best time for KedarKantha trek

 Lucky the Kedarkantha is open throughout the year for trekking unlike other treks in the region. Though it touches blood-freezing temperature, the best time to plan for the trek is definitely winter. Luckily for you, the locals rejoice at the festivals especially around this time of the year. From December to the end of April will treat you with not only the snow-capped landscapes but also scale the peaks on sizzling snow. Not good to break it to you, but that’s what makes it challenging! Self-preparation in terms of fitness will do wonders and ensures that you enjoy the sweat-breaking.

 A possible trek plan!

 Make an effort to do this once-in-a-lifetime trek because the trek will amaze you with everything it has got! Dehradun is the first place, to begin with. It is also the closest option if you are a Delhi dweller. Not Delhi? No issues. Dehradun also connects other major cities. 

Day1: Drive from Dehradun to Sankri Base Camp

Camps are always the best part of the day. Comfortable tents on the snow, warm sheets to stay cozy, a hot cup of tea, and the climax, the blissful sunset will bring a smile to your face! And that’s exactly what you will witness in Sankri Base camp. 

Day2: Trek from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab campsite

The 5km stretch welcomes you with fresh meadows and thick pine and oak woods with a frozen lake nearby is nothing but a luxury.

Day3: Juda ka Talab to Kedarkantha Base Camp

To reach the camp which is at 11,250 feet, you got to have your spirits high. Splendid views of snow-clad mountains like Bandarpoonch, Raglan, Swargarohini, and Kala Nag will ensure that! The majestic Kedarkantha peak will also be watching you throughout the night!



Day4: To Kedarkantha peak and back to Hargaon Campsite

There is it, the sole purpose of your trek. You ought to sacrifice your early morning sleep to the panoramic delight of sunrise from the top of the peak. The Kedarkantha summit will awestruck you with 360-degree stunning views of the Himalayan ranges including Gangotri, Yamunotri, Chanshil Pass, and Kinnaur Kailash. Take a moment to soak yourself in the surrounding because no place on earth will give you that!  

Day5: Back to Hargaon to Sankri

Short way descending, you could have fun sliding down for a while. That will really be a fun experience and your legs will thank you! the camps will still feel new to you, it’s altogether a priceless luxury.

Kedarkantha trek has always been more fascinating and a lively experience for any trekker. Though it may be challenging, the destination is worth all that. As a whole, the trek will ensure that you have witnessed the extraordinary and will continue to inspire you for more.





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