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Let’s prepare your lawn with artificial grass

Do you want to install artificial grass wellington in your garden? Then this is the best option to give your garden a new look.  As you know, the lawn is a place where we spend precious and peaceful time with our family and friends. Sometimes we are tired of our life and want a peaceful place where we can spend our “ME TIME“ to relax our mind. So, the garden is the best place where you can enjoy fresh air with the chirping of the birds.

There are so many people who are unable to take care of the real grass of the garden. So, it would be best for them to make the garden greener with artificial grass. The best part is that it looks absolutely real. With this you will not spend too much time taking care of the garden. You have set up your mind that you have to install artificial grass but you don’t know how to prepare it, my pal you are at the right place. You can call the perfectionist who works in installing artificial grass.

So. don’t worry, I will tell you how you can prepare your lawn with artificial grass. Keep in mind the points which are mentioned below:

  1. Get rid of your older grass:
  • If you are going to install the artificial grass then keep in mind that you have to remove the old grass from the garden. If there are small grasses in your garden, cut it properly so that the surface is smooth and it will be easy for installation. 


  • You can use a turf cutting machine if the garden is big. It will not take you much time to cut the grass.


2. Clear up your garden:

  • Clear your garden properly which will make it easy to install the artificial grass. It means to clean up the garden by getting rid of the plants from the roots. 


  • You should make sure to get rid of the top soil for about 3 inches too. All other plants and grass should be removed. Make the area as clean as the desert.


3. Checkout the Drainage:

  • You should clearly look forward to the drainage problems before the installation process. It is common sense that, if the base is filled with water then there is no use of adding artificial turf there.

If you make a mistake adding the turf there, then it can cause a bad smell in your artificial grass lower hutt.  Keep in mind to add a drainage system first, as it will be a solution to all of your water problems.


4. Add the Artificial Grass:

  • Now you are ready to add your artificial grass if you have completed all of the above steps. Search for the finely crushed rock, gravel or sand, and particles under 10 mm. 


  • To improve the drainage fill in the area in around three inches of material. To dry up the drain these measures are necessary. If this layer is not working then try adding another stone layer.


5. Level up the base:

  • After all these things, now comes the main part. Level up your base. If the base is uneven then how can you make the landscaping wellington area. Now you’ll be wondering how you can do so. 


  • Well, there is an electric compaction plate which is used to make the area up to the equal level. This makes sure that it doesn’t create an imbalance.


6. What about a geotextile layer:

  • I know many of you wouldn’t even have heard of that word. Even though we have added layers of artificial turf but do you know that it can’t keep you away from growing natural plants. 


  • Yes, real plants have a tendency to grow without even planting. So, to prevent that you can add a geotextile layer above or beneath the artificial grass.

7. Brush your lawn:

  • You can brush up your lawn which you have installed. It will give a natural look to your grass. If anything seems artificial, this brushing up can change that. 


  • Brush up till your grass looks equal and real. Brushing up should be done after some time also, as it can be kept in a good manner.

Enjoy your new grass!

Yes, there you go! Enjoy your new life with new grass. It is absolutely sure that you will clearly enjoy it. Even if the rain comes, it will not be muddy inside your lawns. There are advanced types of artificial grass which have an ability to dry fast. Real grass has its pros and cons, so does the artificial grass. But if you don’t have time to maintain your lawn every one week, then you are going at the right path. 



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