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Mobile Credit Card Processing Works For Businesses Of All Sorts

You might assume when looking at QuickBooks merchant services that it only entails working with traditional kiosks. While most credit card processing programs might involve in-store sales, they can also work for mobile transactions. You can hire a mobile credit card processing company for help if you run a business that operates in many places.

In addition to hiring a QuickBooks merchant services team that will help you handle in-store transactions, you can also hire one that can review what you do while on the go. You can have a team help you collect credit and debit card payments with mobile devices.

You can use a mobile credit card processing service in many ways:

  • Food trucks can collect credit card payments from anywhere they are stationed.
  • Utility service providers like plumbers, electricians, carpenters, HVAC specialists, and others can also use mobile processing systems. They can charge their customers at home without sending a physical bill out a few days later.
  • Coffee shops can collect payments from people from their tables or chairs.
  • Towing services, locksmiths, and other twenty-four-hour services may also use mobile processing systems to collect payments from their clients.
  • You could even use a mobile processor if you run a farmer’s market or another place where you don’t have easy access to traditional computing items.

If there’s a place where people buy things, there’s certainly bound to be one where people can use their credit cards to pay for items. You can hire a mobile credit card processing team to help you collect these payments wherever you go.

Handles Data Well

A mobile credit card processing system can collect your data and move it online from anywhere. You can link your mobile transactions to a QuickBooks account if you have one, for example. Your transactions move to your QuickBooks file, where they will be automatically cataloged for later review. You won’t need to manually enter those details into your QuickBooks account, thanks to the cloud-based connection you can produce.

Mobile processing systems can run on any Wi-Fi network you find. A setup can feature an encrypted link with internal firewall protection to ensure PCI compliance and to protect your devices from data thieves.

You’ll still need to ensure only the right people in your workplace have access to mobile processing devices. These include people who can log into a POS platform and handle transactions. Mobile devices are easy to program and control surrounding all these things you wish to run.

Great Credit Card Machines

You can use one of many quality mobile card processing machines when collecting data. Companies like Vital, Bonsai, Clover, and many others produce portable machines that accurately gather data and provide control over all your processing needs.

A card reader can come with many features for your convenience:

  • A reader can accept EMV and magstripe cards. You’ll find separate ports on a reader for both of these cards.
  • You can use a touchscreen to enter in purchase and billing data and to confirm a customer’s card identity. Many readers use Android-based systems that are easy to load and customize.
  • Some readers will feature manual keypads. Customers can use these pads if you utilize cards that require PIN entry. Some businesses may also prefer these keypads for accurately entering data.
  • Select readers will handle NFC cards. These cards that link to Apple Pay or other similar NFC-based systems can read data through a single swipe without having to use a manual card. These payments have become very popular as of late.
  • Some devices will also plug into existing smartphones or tablets and work off an app you can install. The device can read all card types and can link to the software you install.

These mobile devices are traditionally battery-powered. You’ll need to use a charging wire to power your devices. You won’t need any wires when using these items in the field so long as you power them up before the business day begins. You’ll have the power to use these items everywhere you go, giving you a greater reach than what you might expect to manage.

Avoid Excess Charges

One other positive about processing cards on the go is that you can avoid CNP charges. Card-not-present charges can apply when you accept transactions where a customer’s physical card isn’t available. These transactions may occur if you don’t have a device for reading a card. These CNP charges are higher due to the added risk of someone potentially collecting a card and using it without another person’s permission.

A mobile card reader lets you handle physical cards and read their chips or magnetic stripes. You will pay less money to process these transactions than if you were to handle a CNP or keyed-in transaction. The physical card will feature its CVV value built into its body, confirming the identity of whatever is completing the transaction.

Mobile transactions will cost the same as in-store deals if you use the same payment acceptance methods. Check with whatever merchant services provider you will hire to see the terms surrounding what works here.

Look At Your Mobile Plans Today!

Take note of how you’re managing mobile credit card processing today. You can plan your efforts for accepting mobile payments by considering these points:

  • How many locations you do business in
  • How often you travel when managing business
  • How frequently you collect credit or debit card payments
  • The equipment you use now; you’ll need to obtain new items if you don’t have any mobile processing pieces

Contact a card processing or merchant services provider to learn more about what you can do when accepting payments. You can see through your provider that it’s easy for you to manage funds than you might expect. Mobile processing lets you do business in more places, plus you can keep all your data under control while keeping your operating costs down with the right mobile readers.


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