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MS Pipe | Mild Steel Pipe

Mild Steel Pipe has been the standard in the plumbing industry for decades. You can expect to find this material in commercial and residential plumbing systems all over the world. Plus, we make it easy to find what you need by offering it in different sizes and shapes in addition to varying gauges (thickness). Browse our large selection today!

The MS Pipe or mild steel pipe available from MS Pipe (website) is high-quality, durable, and affordable pipe material used in construction work all over the world. If you are looking to buy MS pipe online in the United States, then you’ve come to the right place – our materials are 100% American made and come with no minimum order sizes or shipping restrictions. We also have the lowest possible prices on all of our quality materials; please contact us today if you need an MS pipe price quote!

It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase Tough as nails used to describe durable materials like steel, but you’ll rarely find steel being described as mild. However, mild steel pipe (also known as MS pipe) is one of the most commonly used material in construction projects around the world, and it’s even been used in high-stress environments like oil refineries and water treatment plants for decades now. Read on to learn about some of its key properties and why it has such a wide range of uses.

How does MS pipe compare to other pipes?

Mild steel pipe is typically used for general piping applications, such as in construction and industrial facilities. It is also commonly used in automotive applications. MS pipe is easy to work with and can be welded, cut, and drilled. It is also less expensive than other types of pipes, making it a good choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Is it easy to install?

Installing an MS pipe is a relatively easy process that can be completed by most do-it-yourselfers. The first step is to measure the area where the pipe will be installed. Next, mark the installation location and cut a hole in the wall for the pipe. Once the hole is cut, insert the pipe into the hole and secure it in place with clamps or brackets. Finally, seal the area around the pipe to prevent leaks.

Are there more benefits of using MS pipe?

  1. MS pipe is cheaper than other types of steel pipe.
  2. MS pipe is easy to find and purchase.
  3. MS pipe is easy to work with and can be cut, welded, and drilled.
  4. MS pipe is strong and durable.
  5. MS pipe can be used for a variety of applications, including in construction, plumbing, and automotive projects.
  6. MS pipe is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  7. MS pipe is recyclable and eco-friendly.

How can I learn more about steel pipes?

There are a few ways that you can learn more about steel pipes. You can look online for resources, or even ask someone who works with them. You can also look for books or articles that explain the process of working with steel pipes. If you have access to a welding shop, you can also ask them for advice. Finally, you can always try to contact a professional welder to get some tips.

What types of steel pipes are available in Singapore?

There are many types of steel pipes available in Singapore. The most common type is the MS pipe, which is made of mild steel. These pipes are perfect for use in a wide range of applications, from construction to plumbing. Other types of steel pipes include the stainless steel pipe and the galvanized steel pipe.

MS Pipe Benefits

  • MS pipe is the standard in the plumbing industry for decades
  • You can expect to find this material in commercial and residential plumbing systems all over the world.
  • Check out our site for MS pipe today
  • MS pipe comes in a variety of sizes and is available with different threading options
  • It’s relatively affordable and extremely durable
  • Works with most types of tape and has different pull strengths, making it easy to seal

How do I purchase steel pipes online?

One of the first decisions that you’ll need to make when purchasing steel pipes is the type of pipe that you need. There are three main types of steel pipes: black, galvanized, and stainless. Black pipes are the most common type of pipe used for water lines and gas lines. Galvanized pipes are zinc-coated to resist rust and corrosion. Stainless steel pipes are strong and durable, but they’re more expensive than other types of pipes.

Where can I purchase steel pipe fittings and accessories online?

If you’re looking for steel pipe fittings and accessories, there are a few different places you can look online. Depending on what kind of fitting or accessory you need, you might be able to find it at a hardware store, or you might need to order it from a specialty supplier. Here are a few places to start your searchs

Find the Perfect MS Pipe Size

Let us help you find the perfect MS pipe size. Here are some quick reference size guidelines to help you decide which MS pipe size is best for your needs. The first number listed in a pipe’s diameter is its overall strength:

1/8 = mild steel5/16 = mild steel3/8 = medium steel1/2 = medium steel 3/8 = medium steel1/2 = stainless steel The second number listed in a pipe’s diameter is its wall thickness: 1/8 = mild steel5/16 = mild steel3/8 = medium steel1/2 = medium steel3/8 = medium steel1/2 = stainless steels et steel All prices are in US dollars Q: What is the diameter of a pipe with a wall thickness of 3/8?A: A pipe with a wall thickness of 3/8 has a diameter of 1.75 inches.

Ms pipe weight chart in kg

We stock an extensive range of electric resistance welded (ERW) mild steel pipes/tubes in a size range of 1/2 inch N.B. to 14 inch N.B., which is manufactured under the most stringent quality control and inspection standards to ensure that we provide you with a product that is time tested and reliable!

We sell an extensive range of electric resistance welded (ERW) mild steel pipes/tubes in a size range of 1/2 inch to 14 inch with diameters ranging from 6 mm to 1300 mm. Also stock welded mild steel pipe with a carbon content between 8% and 20%.

The thickness of B Class MS pipe

MS Black is the black colored compound that is used for industrial pipe and fittings. It has a carbon content of less than 0.25% which makes it malleable and ductile and relatively low tensile strength.

B Class MS black pipe requires a minimum wall thickness of 7.62mm for installation according to ASTM standards. The wall thickness is designed to meet the requirements for pressure rating and environmental protection.

What is the MS pipe grade?

Mild Steel (MS) pipes are manufactured using low carbon (less than 0.25%) steel for high quality and durability. Mild steel does not harden and is easy to work with which makes MS Pipe ideal for refrigeration, industrial, E&P and water treatment industries

MS pipes are made from low carbon steel. As such, they have less carbon content than regular steel does, making them easy to cut, weld, and bend. So, MS pipes are used for all high temperature applications where a pipe must be durable enough to withstand significant heat without compromising its integrity or strength.


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