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NextGen EMR Demos, Pricing and Reviews

The NextGen EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record that supports multiple medical specialties. It is user-friendly and includes built-in clinical content. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and allows users to enter data through different input methods, such as typing, talking, and touching. It offers features such as patient portals and integrated patient satisfaction surveys. With NextGen EHR, doctors can easily manage patients and streamline operations.

The NextGen EMR eliminates time-consuming data entry. When registering a new patient, the software automatically fills in the required fields, such as name, date of birth, and insurance number. The system also generates a chart based on the information provided by the patient’s insurance company. Moreover, the system can automate the scheduling of lab tests. The scheduling tool also helps medical practitioners to keep track of the progress of patients’ appointments and keep them informed about the results.

Several NextGen EMR Features make it Easy to Use for Physicians

Coding Library

It comes with a comprehensive coding library and 24-specialty templates. Therefore, it also features clickable tabs that allow doctors to create a seamless patient experience. It also supports population health management initiatives. With its comprehensive services, EpicCare EMR is widely used in US healthcare organizations.

It is the NextGen EMR is an electronic medical record hosted on the cloud that is compatible with a range of medical specialties. It is user-friendly and has integrated clinical content. The interface for users is easy and user-friendly and lets users access data using various input methods like typing, speaking, or touching. It also offers features like portals for patients as well as integrated satisfaction surveys. With NextGen EHR doctors are able to manage patients easily and streamline their operations.

Powerful Scheduling Tool

With its powerful scheduling tool, NextGen offers many features. It comes with a robust coding library. It is customizable, allowing medical practices to add and remove features that fit their practice. Therefore, it also automatically checks insurance information and sends a notice to patients before the scheduled appointment. With its clickable tabs, NextGen EMR is easy to use for doctors and staff. Unlike other EMR systems, this system is customizable, and enables users to customize it to meet their needs.

Its powerful tool for scheduling, NextGen has many functions. It has a powerful code library. It can be customized, allowing medical practices to include or remove features that match their specific needs. It also checks insurance details and provides an email to patients prior to the appointment time. With its tabs clickable, NextGen EMR is easy to use for both doctors and staff. Contrary to similar EMR software, the NextGen one can be customized, allowing users to modify it to suit their specific needs.

User-Friendly Interface

With its user-friendly interface, NextGen EMR is easy to use and has a low learning curve. It also offers free training for medical staff, which helps them get familiar with the system. Furthermore, the customer-service team of NextGen EMR is very responsive and will help users navigate the system easily. This makes it an excellent choice for small clinics. Aside from this, it is highly affordable and a great choice for busy medical professionals.

The NextGen EMR is an excellent choice for small practices. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools make it easy for users to understand and use. The system is customizable and offers award-winning customer support and customization options. Additionally, it is very easy to integrate with other medical software. Its low learning curve makes it an ideal option for practices that have a limited number of patients. The NextGen EMR is also a good choice for small clinics with limited staff.

Ability to Integrate

Another great feature of the NextGen EMR is its ability to integrate with other systems. It has numerous integration capabilities, including with general ledger and patient portal. It also supports integrated patient satisfaction surveys and a patient portal. Its support staff is a top priority for NextGen EHR users. The software is also flexible, allowing users to customize its settings to suit their own practices. Its customer support team is very helpful in assisting users to learn the software.

Another excellent feature in the NextGen EMR has to do with its capability to connect to other electronic medical records. It is able to integrate with a variety of systems which include general ledger and a patient portal. It also allows the integration of surveys for patient satisfaction and an online portal for patients. The support team is an important factor for users of NextGen EHR. It is also flexible which allows users to modify its settings to meet their specific needs. The support staff for customers is extremely helpful in helping users with learning about the program.


The NextGen EMR is customizable. You can tailor the software to suit your practice’s workflow. The user interface is customizable, and it is easy to find and edit information. The NextGen Ambulatory system also includes a comprehensive suite of reporting tools. You can run reports ad hoc and set up recurring reports. Using the reporting tools of the system, you can access and analyze patient records. The software is very flexible, and the options are almost limitless.

The NextGen EMR can customize. The software can be customized to meet the needs of the workflow of your practice. The user interface can be customized and makes it easy to access and modify details. This NextGen Ambulatory system is also equipped with a the most comprehensive set of tools for reporting. Reports can be run in a pinch and create periodic reports. By using the reporting tools in the software, you are able to look up and analyze patient data. The software is extremely adaptable and the possibilities are virtually infinite.

Final Verdict

The NextGen EMR provides powerful reporting tools. You can run reports ad hoc or set up recurring reports. You can save bookmarks in order to easily access the reports. Also, you can also run a monthly report to see all appointments in one single location. The system also allows you to set up recurring reports. You can easily import a list of patients and their history. Besides, the NextGen EMR offers advanced security features and user-friendly reporting.


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