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Questions to Ask Before Buying a RAM Truck

If you’re in the vehicle market for a new truck, you may be considering purchasing the RAM. RAMs are known for their durability and power, and they come in a variety of different models to suit your needs.

In the United States, the selling price for a new light vehicle came to around $38,960 in 2020. It shows that purchasing a truck is not a cheap investment.

Before you make a purchase, there are some critical questions that you should ask yourself. This blog post will help you learn more about essential factors before buying a RAM truck.

1) How Much Can the Truck Tow?

The towing capacity of a RAM truck is one of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase. You need to know how much weight the truck can safely tow to make sure it can handle your needs.

The 2500 model has a maximum towing capacity of 17,980 pounds, while the 3500 model can tow up to 31,210 pounds. Depending on your usage and needs, you’ll want to make sure the truck you’re considering can handle the load.

Another essential factor to consider is the payload capacity—the weight that the truck can safely carry in its bed.

The payload capacity for the RAM 1500 ranges from 1900 to 2300 pounds, and for the RAM 2500, it is between 2900 and 3400 pounds.

For example, if you want a RAM truck to use for towing your boat, you need to ensure it can handle the weight of your boat and any other gear you’re bringing along.

If you’re looking for a RAM truck that can do it all, ask about towing and payload capacity before making your final purchase decision. Useful link

2) What is the Insurance for the RAM Trucks?

When looking at purchasing a RAM truck, it is crucial to find out the insurance rates. Insurance for these trucks can be pretty expensive, so you want to ensure that you get the best possible rate.

The insurance company will consider the truck’s size and the engine size when they are determining the rates. If you have a smaller engine, you can expect to pay less for your insurance than someone who has a larger engine.

Another factor that the insurance company will look at is the truck’s safety features. For example, if the truck has airbags and other safety features, you can expect to pay less for your insurance than a truck that does not have these features.

3) Do RAM Trucks Come with an Engine Warranty?

Most RAM trucks come with a standard engine warranty of five years or 100,000 miles. First, however, it’s essential to check with your dealership to see what warranty is included with your purchase. Then, you can learn more about extending the engine warranty for an additional cost.

A warranty should cover the following:

Towing: If your truck needs to be towed due to a breakdown, the warranty should cover the cost.

Rental car: If your truck is in the shop for repairs, the warranty should cover the cost of a rental car.

Parts and labor: The warranty should cover the cost of parts and labor for repairs.

Trip interruption protection: This type of coverage reimburses you for expenses incurred if you have to interrupt your trip due to a breakdown.

4) What Unique Features Does the RAM Have?

The RAM 1500 comes standard with a variety of features that are designed to make your life easier.

For example, the available Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension system automatically lowers and raises your truck based on driving conditions and needs. As a result, you’ll always have optimal ground clearance, no matter what terrain you’re tackling.

The RAM 1500 also comes standard with the Uconnect Infotainment system. This system gives you access to all your favorite music, apps, and more while keeping you connected on the go.

Some security features available for the RAM 1500 include a blind spot monitoring system and a rear cross-path detection. The features help you stay aware of your surroundings and avoid potential accidents.

Can You Buy RAM Trucks Online and How?

Yes, you can purchase RAM trucks online. The best way to do this is to visit the website of a reputable dealership.

When you visit the website, you’ll be able to browse the available trucks and get more information on each one. You can also get a quote for the truck you’re interested in and even buy it online.

Once you’ve made your purchase, the dealership will arrange to have the truck delivered to your home.

Final Thoughts

RAM trucks are a great choice for those in the market for a new truck. With many different models and features to choose from, there is sure to be a RAM truck that meets your needs. However, you must buy from an online truck dealer to get the best deals.

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