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Raising a Little Artist: 10 Bad Tips of Cool Drawing Idea

Raising a Little Artist: 10 Bad Tips of Cool Drawing Idea

Not every mother agrees to put up with paint splashes, plasticine on the carpet or expensive parquet flooring, salt dough crumbs all over the house, cool drawing idea on the wallpaper. And the glue on clothes, scraps left over from the applique is generally a nightmare! It is only necessary for parents to speak unflatteringly about his work in front of the child several times, and cool drawing idea can be delete from the category of favorite activities. Such parents want to shout: “What are you doing?”

“My child will never be an artist,” retort many mothers. One cannot but agree with this: not everyone should be artists, but one must not forget what benefits cool drawing ideas brings in forming a child’s personality, his individuality.

I do not impose on anyone my love for cool drawing and doing creative work in general. But, observing children of different ages, communicating with parents who promote various beliefs, I conclude that a child’s 3d drawing ideas, like a litmus test, reflect everything happening in the soul of a little one (and not very small) PERSON.

Researchers of children’s creativity noticed that, as a rule, ALL children love to draw, but by the age of 10-15, this interest gradually fades away and disappears without special training.

But this can happen even earlier, without waiting for the young “former artist” to hit ten. Why?

What should be done to make the child FOREVER lose interest in drawing?

A little disclaimer: to discourage a child from being interested in the Beautiful, cool drawing idea, sculpting, and creating something with his own hands is VERY difficult but possible. Do what is written below more often, and bad advice will do the trick.

Bad advice number 1

As soon as your kid reaches out for a pencil or reaches for a brush with which you painted the fence five minutes ago, immediately shout at him (louder and more terrible) so that the desire to touch the cool drawing materials will disappear forever. Better yet, punish him so that he will remember for a long time. Then, to spank it well – and there will NEVER be any wall-vandal creativity again, we will uproot it right in the bud.

By painting on walls, furniture, and other “illegal” places, children “mark” their territory.

Bad advice number 2

As soon as the kid infringes on your “Venetian” on the walls or expensive German wallpapers in the nursery. SUDDENLY become unrecognizable behind the rock paintings of the little experimenter. So take the strictest measures: screaming, punishment with a whip, and no gingerbread for dessert!

A child under seven years old, according to psychologists, just needs to draw on a vertical surface so he perceives the world around him better.

Bad advice number 3

Give your child a special place for creativity in the farthest corner of the apartment, where he cannot spoil anything. Put on special clothes and set aside when the whole family is quietly sitting somewhere in the common room and doing something interesting, like watching a family comedy or playing baby monopoly. Then, since THIS artist wants to paint so much, let him paint for himself, only so that he does not interfere with anyone and not stain anything.

The kid wants to create where the whole family gathers. He should like his workplace.

Bad advice number 4

“Accidentally,” forget the “daub” of the little Creator on the locker in the dressing room of the kindergarten, or “automatically” stuff into the purse the MASTERPIECE, which the child so diligently created in class. The most effective option is simply throwing it away along the way (and the child so wanted to show his dad what bouquet he drew for mommy) what the kid sculpted, glued, painted.

Bad advice number 5

Repeat that it does not happen SO, DO NOT draw, SO wrong. The little artist will forever remember your hurtful words and will NEVER dare to experiment and try again for fear of doing WRONG.

Bad advice number 6

In the presence of the child, say about his cool drawing something like this: “Here is my son’s daub, look at the blue dog he painted. Is it possible?”.

Bad advice number 7

Never help your child do their homework for cool drawings, work, and other “useless and unnecessary” items. Instead, whenever your child reaches for crayons and paints, encourage him to do something more interesting and important, such as washing the dishes or vacuuming.

Bad advice number 8

If SUDDENLY your child gives a hint about admission to an art school or university, roll your eyes, touch your heart with your right hand, defiantly bring your left hand to your forehead. In short, imitate this instant disappearance from the face of the earth, because being an artist’s mother is not for you.

Bad advice number 9

If your child draws everything he sees, sits at an easel for hours, and forgets to dine, enthusiastically cool drawing a still life from a soup plate and a chicken leg sticking out of porridge, blame him for laziness, doing nothing, and in general. It would be better if he and his father went to the country, from that place it is even more useless.

Bad advice number 10

Find a teacher who will not let you open your mouth without permission. Let him teach your child to draw like the great Malevich or Picasso. And let him just try not to teach! You are three skins from him. In short, control and more control! No freedom of expression and no time wasted thinking.

So, you probably already understood that different reasons explain why a child who seems to like to draw SUDDENLY loses interest in this type of activity. Parents or careless teachers are primarily to blame for this.

If adults often criticize children’s works, impose their vision of the world, pictorial stamps, techniques, scold for dirty clothes or furniture. The child gradually loses faith in his strength, the baby closes in his shell, stops drawing so as not to lose the remnants of his world created by him. Children are so arranged that they love to do what they get.

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