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Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest In Video Marketing?

Increased revenue, brand awareness, and user engagement are just some of how video marketing can help small companies succeed. Find out how you may benefit from video. Marketers at smaller companies often have to fill many roles. Perhaps not all of them are advertising caps at all. Everything is on you, from product promotion, content production, social media, event attendance, and sales. Considering all that, why would you want to incorporate video marketing? The fact is that video marketing offers a wide variety of advantages for local firms.

Video marketing is a great way to connect with your audience and attract new customers. Whether you are running a business or just want to improve your communication with potential clients, video marketing is an effective way to get your message across.

Sales And Leads Increase With The Use Of Video

So, first things foremost. The money you earn from videos might surprise you. Incorporating a video demonstration of your product into your landing page may boost sales by 80 percent. And the Treepodia team has ensured that video performs effectively in every environment it is used. Sales may be a direct result of a video’s use. According to research, after seeing an explainer video on a product or service, 74% of viewers made a purchase. The time to begin making engaging product videos is now.

Considering this, it’s hardly surprising that videos do so well. After all, vision is the sense we rely on most. In addition, visual information is the primary mode of data transfer to the brain. Considering visuals have increased engagement significantly, think about what adding moving photos may do for your company.

A Reliable Means Of Gathering Data

The average person nowadays has far less patience and attention span than their parents or grandparents had. As a result, your films should not be too long and drawn out. Additionally, more than 90% of individuals would choose to view a video over reading a blog post if given a choice between the two. Customers feel that viewing videos are the most beneficial learning experience since it allows them to have a more thorough understanding and appreciation of the product.

Provide Your Customers with Their Preferred Medium

Over half (51.7%) of all internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 worldwide report that viewing videos, TV programs, and movies are their major reason for going online. In addition, 86% of consumers want to see more company video content.

Three-sixty-percent of these people says they want to see more material like instructive or explainer videos, while fourteen-per cent wishes to see more product demonstrations. No one can deny that videos are your target demographic’s most popular form of content. Then why not cater to public demand?

In today’s digital world, people are accustomed to getting their information from a variety of sources. They may be reading a blog post on their phone while waiting for an appointment or checking out a new product on their tablet while shopping at the mall.

As a merchant, you should provide your customers with the medium that they prefer and offer the most value for their time and money. If you want to attract more shoppers, it’s important that you understand how each of these mediums works for your brand and what type of content resonates best with your audience.

This Year, 83% Of Company Owners Plan To Use Explainer Films

After experimenting with video marketing, the next step is to figure out what kind of video you want to create. Again, a sizable percentage of those who filled out our poll had it figured out: cartoon explanation videos. Briefly, “explainers” define a company’s goods or services in non-technical language, utilizing clear language and eye-catching imagery. Due to their wide appeal, they have quickly become a staple of promotional video content.

A staggering 95% of internet users have viewed at least 1 of such films to get insight into a service or product. Similarly, explainers became the most popular option when participants in another survey were asked to choose a single form of video they’d want to see more of from companies.

Using Video To Establish Credibility

Making a sale or getting a convert requires building trust. However, trust construction needs to be pursued in its own right. Trust and long-term connections are key to the content marketing philosophy. You may stop trying to sell and start attracting customers by giving them what they want—valuable, relevant content. Video material is almost certain to pique our interest and stir our emotions. Moreover, if we are talking about the crème de la crème of your target demographic, YouTubers are now the most influential social media figures in spreading the word about your product. That’s why, if you take content marketing seriously, you have to take video seriously.

Trust may also be built with the use of SEO Wollongong. Some customers still have reservations about making purchases on the internet due to worries about being scammed. However, successful promotional films introduce your goods in an informal discussion. Because of the personal connection it fosters, 57% of viewers feel more comfortable making an online purchase after seeing a related film.

Improving Email Open Rates

You may expect three times as many answers by using video for your outreach efforts. First, avoid embedding the video itself when sending it through email. The reason for this is that most email clients do not allow the inline play of the video.

Large video attachments, even if they get through, increase the chances that your email may be flagged as spam. Instead, incorporate a video preview thumbnail within the main body of the email, with a link to the full video on your site or business website. To save mouse clicks, even more, you may configure the player to play automatically.

To get started, take a look at your current open rates and compare them to the industry standard of 50%. If they’re significantly lower than that, then it’s time to increase your open rates. If they’re higher than that, then it could be time to optimize your content and make it more engaging so that more people will click “yes” when they receive it in their inboxes!

When Promoting Products Or Services, Online Videos Are Where It’s At

When you start using video marketing, it is crucial to get your videos seen by as many people as possible. Five-nine percent of those who took our study believe that new networking is the way to achieve this end. Given the widespread use of social media, one can hardly argue.

Your potential customers spend at least some time each day on one of your target social networks. This makes it natural for company owners and marketers to use these sites to distribute their movies. However, that’s not all there is to it.

According to other research, 53 percent of viewers who watched a brand’s video on social media went on to interact with the company. Another 64% of Facebook users claim that seeing a marketing video there has motivated them to make a purchase. These staggering figures point to a clear truth: the social media audience is paying attention and preparing to engage with the content being presented to them.


While it’s clear why small companies need to have video content, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only video that will contribute to your company’s success.

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