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Roles & Responsibilities of Commercial and Residential Projects Architecture

Are you looking for residential projects architecture in California or a simple commercial architect in California? Whatever your requirements are, you should know the job and responsibilities. If you know the architects’ duties, you can hire the best for your project. By reading this blog, you will understand what architects do?

Architects design different structures like office buildings, houses, apartments, shopping malls, etc. They create other designs for variant structures and ensure that the procedures will be safe, functional, and economical and their appearance. Architects work with both private and public agencies. If you want to build an office on a piece of land, you can also hire a separate commercial architect in California.

Meeting with The Clients

First of all, architects meet with the clients to discuss the project. This lets architects know the type of structure the client wants. This meeting aims to understand the clients’ objectives, budget for the project, and other project requirements, for example, which type of residential projects architecture in California the clients want.

This discussion focuses on the following points:

  • Understanding the potentials and limitations of the site.
  • Discussing the financial targets worth the clients.
  • Suggesting all the possible solutions for the work concerning its nature (renovation or new construction).
  • Selection of the site or building based on the requirement.
  • Provision of multiple options to handle different administrative procedures.
  • Planning and preparation of the procedures to establish easy communication.

Preparation of Drawings

A construction project has multiple design drawings. Whether it is simply commercial or residential project architecture, the architect must prepare all the drawings before executing the project on the site. Any type of error in the design leads to a significant increase in the project cost and time. Therefore, the architect rechecks the plan before its implementation.

Because the design is the initial step of construction, project estimation and material procurement also depend on its design. Therefore, early submission of the plan avoids delay in the project.

The sketch of the building also shows its location. Therefore, it gives an idea about the different spaces linked to the site. Besides this, the drawing also reflects the overall appearance of the project.

Before implementing the design, the architect shows it to the client and asks for his consent on the plan. If the client wants some changes, the architect does it as per the clients’ requirements. When the client gives his approval on the design in writing, the architect forwards the implementation design.

Cost Estimation

Before starting the construction process, it is essential to determine the project’s estimated cost. The cost estimation is necessary because it gives the clients an idea about the total cost. For example, suppose you have hired an architect for residential projects architecture in California. In that case, the project’s estimated cost will help you plan your finances and alert you before any bigger budget issues arise. Architects help to estimate the cost for the different stages of the project.

Construction Contracts

The design of the buildings helps understand the size of the projects. It also helps understand how to divide the different sectors of the project before handing it over to the contractors. Contractors take over the project and start its implementation with their laborers under the supervision of architects and engineers deployed at the site.

Architects also help carry out the bidding of the tender for the project. This allows clients to select the right procurement form. In this way, the architects coordinate the entire contract procedure.

After receiving the tender, the architect’s next step is to carry out a tender analysis report. He then compares this report’s results with the clients’ expectations and budget.

The architect handles the type of work during the construction process mentioned in the contract agreement. In most of the projects, the architects work with the civil engineers on the site. If the construction project is huge, it requires someone with in-depth technical knowledge to know the building structure’s strength factors and stability.

An architect and engineer’s responsibilities are a bit similar on the site. The difference is architects take more effort in designing the buildings’ looks and aesthetics. Architects and civil engineers are also dependent on each other because engineers cannot start their work until they receive a designed building plan. Architects do not complete the construction process without civil and construction engineers.

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