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Side Gigs You Can Do At Home This Lockdown

Sometimes to pursue your true passion you may end up settling for a low-paying job. While this job may offer satisfaction to you but the paycheck may force you to compromise on lifestyle. In such scenarios, you can always resort to taking up side gigs that you can easily pursue from the comfort of your home. The market today offers myriad options of side gigs to work from home. You can easily choose from these options according to your area of interest.

Also, many of these side gigs you can do from home. This can majorly work in your favor if you have a full-time office job as you will not be required to head to yet another office after your working hours. You can comfortably complete your side gig work from home and earn extra money to supplement your paycheck. Also if you are an aspiring young entrepreneur who wishes to start a new business from home that will later turn out to be your full-time job, taking up side gigs will help you earn enough to maintain a simple lifestyle.

While the market offers various options of side gigs to make extra money from home, there are certain factors that one needs to consider to list down a perfect side gig option for himself/herself. First, make a list of professional works you enjoy doing. If you are deciding to take up a side gig it better be work that you enjoy doing. This aspect is important because coming home after busy office hours and spending time doing something you don’t enjoy would turn out stressful for you. Secondly, all good-paying and easy side gigs from home ask for a certain level of experience and qualification. So you should think of works you are qualified to do to increase your chance of getting hired. Lastly, take into consideration the amount of time you can devote to side gig work as some side gigs ask for longer hours while others require you to devote three to four hours in a week.

Here are two best side gigs from home option that you can pursue from the comfort and ease of your home –

  • One of the easy side gigs to make extra money and to engage yourself in your free hours is Online tutoring. This side gig may turn out to be a favorable option for those who are pursuing full-time teaching and wish to further explore their field of interest and earn through side gigs. They can easily teach students online on weekends, summer vacations, and after-school hours. For those who are otherwise engaged in pursuing non-teaching career options but love teaching and educating, online tutoring side gigs can work for them also.

Various online tutoring sites connect the students from tutors. These sites verify the qualifications of the tutor, look if they have a proper college degree, make sure they have a working PC with fast internet speed, and they are well versed with technology. If you take up online tutoring as a side gig you can expect to conduct a lot of video conferences with your students.

  • If you have a proper college degree and you are good at writing quality pieces, you can consider taking content writing, technical writing, and editing as side gigs to do at home. Plus point here is one can make a pretty decent amount by taking up content writing as a side gig and the work does not ask you to devote long hours. Further, the demand for content writers, technical writers, and editors is ever increasing in the professional market. Before dwelling much deeper into how to get started with content writing side gigs, first, we need to understand the difference between technical writing and content writing.

Content writers write quality pieces for online platforms, they also write landing pages, SEO optimized articles, and marketing pieces. Content writers may engage in writing creative pieces according to the requirements of the website they are writing for. If you are someone who loves writing and enjoys working with websites, you can create a handsome writing portfolio for yourself and can get paid for writing online content. Also, content writing side gigs are one of the best side gigs to make extra money from home.

As the name suggests technical writing is about writing technical stuff and proofreading. It involves writing instructions for the software and general products. Technical writing asks for efforts and reading skills. As a technical writer, you would be required to conduct proper research, absorb a vast amount of information, and further translate that information into a simpler form for the non-technical readers to understand it easily.

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