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Smile with Confidence When Wearing Pure Indian Hair Extensions

Have you always wanted a hair makeover? You are not alone. Over time, a growing number of women are getting into using hair extensions. Some use them as a cosmetic necessity, while others as a fashionable item.

There are different types of hair extensions, so it can be challenging to choose the right one if you are new to extensions. I have been using hair extensions for several years now and have tried different types of them. This has led me to believe that pure Indian hair extensions are a cut above the rest.

To help you choose the best, here is everything you need to know about pure Indian hair extensions.

What is a pure Indian hair extension?

Pure Indian hair extensions are 100% virgin hair
Pure Indian hair extensions are 100% virgin hair

Pure Indian hair extensions are made of 100% virgin hair from the temples of India. They are completely natural and have never been chemically processed or mixed with fibers. The extensions are soft, airy, and can be easily flat-ironed and curled.

Types of Pure Indian Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extension

Get longer, fuller hair than ever before with pure Indian clip-in hair extensions. They come in different lengths, colors, and textures to give you the look you want. Here are the types of clip-in hair extension:

10 piece clip-in set: straight

This lustrous 10 clip in hair extension adds volume and blends perfectly with your natural hair. You can color, highlight, and style them the way you want. They can be separated and applied to different areas on your head.

6-clip fishnet: straight

This 6-clip fishnet clip-in hair extension blends well with your hair and gives you the most natural look. Nine wefts are interlinked to create a honeycomb pattern that embraces your hair. The six high-quality clips maintain a stronghold and provide flawless hair.

Clip-in Highlights

Add some lovely color to your hair in minutes with single and triple clip-in highlights. From light green and Aqua blue to red and light pink, they are available in different colors to add glamour to your look.

3-clip ponytail

Pure Indian clip-in ponytail extensions are an easy way to achieve a long, voluminous ponytail. With high-quality clips attached to a lace base, they are easy to install. It has an attached wrap around the hair to conceal the clips and lace.

Tape hair extensions

Semi-permanent tape in hair extensions
Semi-permanent tape in hair extensions

Tape-ins are semi-permanent extensions that allow you to have the hair you want for a longer period. They are lightweight and cause zero damage to your natural hair. They are low maintenance and can be applied from the comfort of your home with a wig adhesive tape.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring extensions use tiny beads to attach the extensions to your hair.  It is a great option for women who are disappointed with their hair and want additional length and volume daily.

Benefits of pure Indian hair extensions

You want a confidence boost

Use hair extensions to add volume to your thinning hair

As we age, our hair thins up. Hair loss is a reality that many women have to face. Struggling with thinning hair can affect your self-esteem. Hair extensions can add volume to your thinning hair while helping to boost your self-confidence.

A gratifying solution to a bad haircut

The perfect solution to a terrible haircut
The perfect solution to a terrible haircut

If you have a disastrous haircut that you are desperate to grow out, hair extensions are an instant and ideal solution to ease your frustration. With extensions, you can get a hairstyle that you want and give yourself a glamorous look.

Your key to experimentation

If you love to experiment with your hair, then hair extensions are for you. From beautiful long hair, stylish colored strands to stunning curls, there are varieties of extensions available to give you the look you want.  You can freely experiment without worrying about meeting any damage to your natural hair.

Low maintenance

If you have no time to style your hair every day, then hair extensions are the perfect solution that comes at low maintenance. There are pre-styled synthetic hair extensions and pure human hair extensions that you can use to add glamour to your appearance.

They last a considerably long time.

Unlike other hair extensions, pure Indian hair extensions can last for a long period. With the right care, they can last up to 6 months and still look amazing.

Hairstyles to do with pure Indian hair extension


Top knots are an ideal hairstyle to try with hair extensions. It is flattering, versatile, and works for various occasions. The hairstyle looks complicated, but it is easy to create with your extension. To create this simple hairstyle, wear your hair extension and pull the front section of your hair back into a high bun.

Dutch braid

The Dutch braid hairstyle is a trendy and fun way to style your hair. It helps keep your hair out of your face and gives you a neat and fresh style. If you have thin and flat hair, use hair extensions to add volume. Here are the steps to create this simple hairstyle

  • Grab a bunch of hair from the front hairline and divide it into three equal strands.
  • Pick the right strand, cross it under the middle strands, and then cross the left strand under the middle.
  • Repeat step 2 till the ends of your hair by adding a thin section of hair to the right and the left strand.High bun

This High bun hairstyle is classic, stylish, and full of volume. The hairstyle looks complicated, but it is pretty easy to achieve. Follow the steps to get the look.

  • Make a high ponytail.
  • Twist and wrap the length of the ponytail around the base. Then, secure it with a hair tie.
  • Lastly, pull some strands of hair and pin them around the bun for a messy look.

In my experience, a natural look and feel depend significantly on the quality of your hair extension. The right hair extension can do wonders to your look. So, shop a pure Indian hair extension and try out these amazing hairstyle that will make you smile with confidence.

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